Relocate WordPress to New Domain

Days ago, shifted WordPress to a new domain name / URL. Right after shifted to new domain name, it shows database error. Took me sometime to surf and google around to find out solutions. In my case, these two ways solved all the problem and the site is now up for good. i) Went into […]
How to: Embed Flickr Album Slideshow in WordPress

Only realized missing of HTML embed code that usually available on Flickr’s old web user interface. Thanks to Mabel to share steps on the Flickr forum, as below: i) open Flickr album ii) at the browser navigation bar URL, example: iii) add “/show” at the end of the URL, example: iv) press enter […]
WordPress: PDF and PPT Viewer (plugin for embedding PDF file)

Recently searching for a way to embed PDF file directly into a post, which can help readers to eliminate the step of download actual file on local machine and open it with dekstop application such as Adobe Reader. Then i found a plug-in called “PDF and PPT Viewer“, a WordPress plugin for embedding documents to […]
WordPress: Display only summary on Home Page

Wanted to show blog post’s first paragraph or summary on the main page, tried on Dashboard -> Setting -> Reading -> For each article in a feed, show: “Summary”, but doesn’t work as I expect because it only shows summary on feeds reader (ex: Google reader, Netvibes). After done web search, it cannot be done […]