Penang: Fig Tree Hill Resort @ Sungai Ara

Sister of mine book us a hidden resort in the hill at Penang as a getaway on Chinese New Year.¬†Instead of forest, the resort is actually place on the hill within fruit valley which is not far a way from a urban resident area. It take us around 45 minutes from Georgetown to the destination, […]
Pentax2u: Show-and-Tell Photo Contest is having a photo contest titled “Show-and-Tell Photo Contest“, send in your photo to now and get a chance to win RM 100 discount voucher. Guess what, i am one of the lucky winner for first week contest, as below, The photo was taken by using discontinued Pentax DSLR K-30 with Tamron SP […]
Visit Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Part Three

Third day activities that we will be doing are shooting the rapids, there are few sets of Rapids to Kuala Trenggan up stream of Sungai Tembeling which you will wet your clothes. Another is visit Orang Asli settlement on the way back. Most of the boat looks like this, very less steel elements can be […]
Visit Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Part Two

Our day two schedule is visit Lata Berkoh and a night walk to Tahan Hide to observe wildlife. Lucky for us, another good sunshine day for our boat trip with nice peaceful river ride to Lata Berkoh. Our friendly and experienced guide, Mr Rusli sat behind my girlfriend. The river is shallow, about the height […]