Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 5

Early birds messing around at 宜蘭. Students not even here yet. It was left on the side road. Road trip begin again after breakfast at 天璽商務酒店 hotel. 太魯閣峽谷 Ballet in the dark Became monkey in the bright. Landslide happens, wearing helmet is a must. Not even sure where we are now. Keep messing around and […]

Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 4

Early morning of 九份老街 Majority of shops are still yet to operate, we can start messing around again. Cats were still dreaming. Exploring on those area that we did not went on day before. Sakura blooming on our visit. Pass by 阿蘭草仔粿 shop on the early morning, they are one of earliest that opened. They […]

Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 3

Quiet morning at 水田園溫泉農莊 Tot spring area, there are around 6 small pools with different temperatures and a big pool available here. A bigger pool with every pool consist of digital temperature board. Rules and regulation at 水田園溫泉農莊 if you going to camp here. Take a walk around the area Farm area Jump shot it […]

Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 2

Early in the morning at 西門町, not use to cold weather, especially for us that stayed near equator line. Breakfast time, a stall nearby by mrt station. Warm rice ball and hot soya bean. It was a week day, where student going for school and peoples getting to work. We continue to another stall for […]