Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 8

士林夜市 on the morning Some wastage that haven’t been clear, rubbish still can be seen on the floor after the busy night market on day before. Our mission for today, cycling around 八里老街 and 淡水老街 for food hunt. Rent two bicycles from 小麥町腳踩車有限公司, nearby 關渡捷運站. 關渡宮 Taiwan is suitable place to ride. 關渡自然公園自行車道, well build […]

Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 7

By 4 a.m., all of us need to get ready at railway station for 阿里山小火車. The sleepy faces. Still waiting for the train after half an hour. Super crowded train Quite a small size train due to heavy clouds. At the top Cold and no luck for sun rise. Mario on the move. Queue again […]

Photo Gallery: Sunflower Student Movement @ Taiwan

It happened we are traveling in Taiwan on the Sunflower Student Movement (太陽花學運) period. Decide to went into the area and take a look and compare the difference to our country’s Bersih 3.0 rally. My partner helped to plan on MRT station that nearby to the area, then we walked in. Majority are students Big […]

Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 3

Quiet morning at 水田園溫泉農莊 Tot spring area, there are around 6 small pools with different temperatures and a big pool available here. A bigger pool with every pool consist of digital temperature board. Rules and regulation at 水田園溫泉農莊 if you going to camp here. Take a walk around the area Farm area Jump shot it […]