Replace Suunto Ambit Strap (Silver)

After years of heavy use on Suunto Ambit (first generation) for outdoor sports, the strap is starting to break off. As image above, even the screw on the left need to be tighten up from time to time, else it will just drop off like once i did: Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! […]
Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt, Battery Replacement

Recently, my Suunto Ambit doesn’t pick-up heart rate data consistently from stock Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt as usual. It create a box shape heart rate graph as move29582215, result incorrect PTE (Peak Training Effect) and display wrong recovery time calculation. Decide to change the battery in centre piece of belt, battery model of the […]
Suunto Ambit: Broken Strap Rubber

Broke my Suunto Ambit strap rubber on a running session after using it for more than a year. The rubber just fall off while running without me noticing it, and i have not putting any force by accidentally hook on tree branch or anything else. Couldn’t find genuine replacement for it except for buying a […]
Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL

Discovered one of the screw (top right) fall off after morning running session. I’ve searched for the screw at all Suunto dealers in Mid Valley/The Garden, but none has it. Buying new straps set from online store will cost me a few hundreds, folks from FB Suunto group suggest try to send the ambit to […]