Landmark @ Sungai Long

Got an invitation from Cheras Hong Soon staff to Landmark 1 (Phase 2 of Landmark project) showroom, so went to visit and took some pictures for record. Showroom located at the exact site of Landmark project, nearby exit of Sungai Long traffic light to Cheras–Kajang Expressway. Wonder why Cheras Hong Soon want to make this […]
Green Mosquito @ Sungai Long

Saw a green mosquito at living room on very early morning, attracted by the light and came into the house. It is not very active maybe due to timing and limited lights around. Check out this interesting post below from “GWTL” at Biology-Online forum thread: Green Mosquito===Photos Available, I live in South Africa. I’ve probably […]
Hospital Sungai Long: Fun Run 2014

After successful of Hospital Sungai Long Fun Run 2013, the organiser decide to hold another one this year. There are a slight changes for the distance (previously 8.4km) and schedule, so do refer to details below. The registration will be closed on 6th April or when it hit 2000 participants. Certificate will be given for […]
Stick Insect (Phasmida): Walking Sticks with Wings

Found a walking stick again at Sungai Long Hill, but the big difference is this one comes with a pair of wings. The wings help it moves faster for a short distance, but doesn’t seems to be able to fly as normal flying insects. The Phasmatodea (sometimes called Phasmida or Phasmatoptera) are an order of […]