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Sugar Crush: extra lives cheat and few tips (Part 2)

Found another two cheat/tips for Candy Crush Saga, if you still got no idea what is sugar crush, just head to Play Store or App Store, search for Candy Crush Saga developed by, install on your phone/tablet and start playing it. You can check out part 1 at Sugar Crush: extra lives cheat and few tips .

  • Clear Data cheat (for extra lives)

    For HTC and iPhone users can simply done it with Time Skipping Cheat to get those lives. For Samsung Galaxy users, you can gained another 5 by Clear application’s data. Steps as below,

    i) Close Candy Crush crush
    ii) Go to settings-> search and click on Candy Crush Saga
    iii) Click on “Clear data”-> “Delete”
    iv) Launch Candy Crush Saga game app
    v) Reconnect Facebook -> Success and click “Ok”
    vi) Done and you’ll get the full 5 lives, refer this step by step video done by Rob Maeder

  • Ultimate Cheat

    When you play up to 100+ levels, you’ll figure out the game getting more impossible to win without buying those boosters, which i have bought 3 times. I gave up at level 134 and started the ultimate cheat which is leethax‘s Firefox extension, that features infinite lives and boosts. All you need is install Firefox browser on PC, install the extension as video below, launch Facebook Candy Crush game app on Firefox browser and you’ll see the differences.