Gunung Tok Wan @ Semenyih

Decide to go Gunung Tok Wan on last year, as training for coming Mountain Rinjani trip at Indonesia in September 2013. Gunung Tok Wan might be familiar to those that went to Broga Hill before, because when you reach the top of Broga Hill, you will see a signboard that point to the trail of […]
Bandar Sungai Long to Lenggeng Bike Route

Supposed to ride from Batu 18 Ulu Langat to Perez on Sunday morning, but end up my way to Lenggeng (Negeri Sembilan) due to friend can’t make it for Batu 18 ride. Route start from Bandar Sungai Long -> goes up to Silk Highway -> turn into Semenyih -> University of Nottingham and Broga Hill […]
Broga Hill @ Semenyih

Broga Hill sometimes known as Bukit Broga or Bukit Lalang, where Broga is actually a place name and Lalang is blady grass in Malay launguage. With a low 400 meters height, ready trail and panoramic scene, it become local famous spot that attracts big numbers of visitors during weekends. The fifteen time to the Broga […]