Property News: KL property mart set to cool

While going through Mr. Sin Leong’s blogspot, i read this post: “KL property mart set to cool” that drawed my attention. It explained why my home loan was declined by Maybank on May, it also consume more time than usual to get the feedback. According to the staff in charge, my commitment is consider too […]
IMPOSSIBRU! Malaysia My First Home Scheme (MFH)

Been hearing this “My First Home Scheme” since last year, din’t bother much until i read this article: “Najib ill-advised on ‘ridiculous’ first home scheme, says house buyers’ group” (by Shannon Teoh) from sinleong’s property blog. Here are first two paragraphs of the article, KUALA LUMPUR, March 9 — A house buyers’ group has labelled […]
Property Prices Dropped in Different Countries

Read this article yesterday, “See What $890,000 Buys In A Housing Bubble And After The Bubble Pops” from Business Insider. It shows how ridiculas the value of money makes difference before and after property bubble. (Image Source: In this post, articles of property prices falls in different countries were collected, as below: i) China […]
Articles Collection: Property Bubble in Malaysia

Been trying to own a landed house since end of 2010, but property price increased to way beyond my ability. I starting to doubt and hope this is a bubble which will burst sometime soon. Googled out some interesting articles wrote by blogger with property related knowledge, so i gathered up and post it all […]