Pebble Smart Watch (2 unit available) for sale in Malaysia [SOLD]

*Update: two units sold to a gentleman Tony and a pretty lady Rachaelle. I’ve pledged two units of Pebble Smart Watch since mid-year of 2012 and it finally reached on my desk today due to the production delay. Two units of black color Pebble for sale, available for DOC right-away. Items: Pebble Smart Watch Price: […]
My Pebble watch is on its way!

Received the mail from Pebble team yesterday, regarding my two units of pledged Pebble watch (from Kickstarter) will be ready for shipment soon. Although the long time awaited smartwatch will need a few more weeks before i can get it hands-on, but still glad to see the progression.
Pebble: Android app available at Google Play Store now!

First batch of Pebble started shipping since 23rd January 2013! Although the first batch only consist less than 500 units (as mentioned in Update #30), but still we are big step closer to getting our hands on the actuall smart watch. Estimate i’ll be getting the pledged Pebble most late by end of March. Change […]
Pebble: start shipping on 23rd January 2013!

Update: i have pledge two units of Black Pebble, will be letting go one of them. Kindly contact me if interested. Pebble is shipping! In the Project Update #29, Pebble technology announced they’ll begin shipping Pebble to 85,000 backers on January 23rd 2013. Other than shipping date, there are more good news, as below: In […]