Pebble Smart Watch (2 unit available) for sale in Malaysia [SOLD]

*Update: two units sold to a gentleman Tony and a pretty lady Rachaelle. I’ve pledged two units of Pebble Smart Watch since mid-year of 2012 and it finally reached on my desk today due to the production delay. Two units of black color Pebble for sale, available for DOC right-away. Items: Pebble Smart Watch Price: […]
Pebble: start shipping on 23rd January 2013!

Update: i have pledge two units of Black Pebble, will be letting go one of them. Kindly contact me if interested. Pebble is shipping! In the Project Update #29, Pebble technology announced they’ll begin shipping Pebble to 85,000 backers on January 23rd 2013. Other than shipping date, there are more good news, as below: In […]