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Nvidia: “Phoenix” Tegra 4i Reference Smartphone

Nvidia build its own Android smartphone: 5-inch 1080p, 13-megapixel, two stereo speakers at the back, Dual camera LED flash, and…

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Nvidia: ZTE to be the first Smartphone with Tegra 4

Nvidia seems like having problem searching for partnership on their latest mobile processor – Tegra 4. The processor was announced…

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Nvidia: “Project Shield”, the new portable gaming console

Nvidia take another step further on expanding their Tegra 4 to more users with the annoucement of “Project SHIELD“. As…

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Nvidia Tegra 4: “The World’s Fastest Mobile Processor”

Nvidia Corporation, CEO Jen-Hsun Huang unveiled next-gen mobile processor “Tegra 4″ (codenamed “Wayne”) at CES 2013 today, titled “The World’s…

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