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Xperia S: Launcher and Widgets .apk

Home launcher and widgets on Xperia S has leaked out. A package of Xperia S home launcher and widgets is available for download, kindly refer the pocketpc forum for full story: Thema: Home Launcher und Widgets vom Xperia S geleaked

I installed every single .apk files into Xperia Arc, all of them works perfectly. Below are my steps on installing:
  1. Download XperiaS into Dekstop, Unzip it
  2. Sync files between Desktop and Xperia Arc by using Dropbox
  3. Install every .apk one by one, and chose “replace” for those existing old app
  4. Old stock app such as Home launcher, Music player and Calendar will be gone after replaced
  5. Whenever you launch those app, the new version will be active

Download Links for XperiaS

Included in are:

  • Home.apk – Xperia S Home launcher
  • SemcMusic.apk – Xperia S music player
  • SemcCalendar.apk – Xperia S calendar app
  • livewallpaperearth.apk – Animated 3D globe(with moon) as live wallpaper
  • WidgetPicker.apk – Required if want to use one of these widget
  • ClockWidget.apk – Xperia S clocks for Homescreen
  • MusicWidget.apk – New widget for the music player
  • PhotoWidget.apk – Animated photo widget
  • OnOffTools.apk – New widget with shortcuts (ex: WiFi, 3G, Bluetooth, GPS)
  • WeatherWidget.apk – New and nice animated weather widget

  • On/Off, Weather & Music Widgets

    Clocks and Photo Widget

    New Icons

    Note: GO Launcher EX unable to locate and recognize Xperia S widgets. Therefore, those widgets can’t be apply on GO Launcher EX Home Screen. However, apps such as Live Wallpaper Earth, Music player and Calendar works smoothly if using Go Launcher EX.

    Live Wallpaper Earth

    Music Player


       Thema: Home Launcher und Widgets vom Xperia S geleaked

    GO Launcher EX

    There are some alternative launchers from android markets. Go launcher EX is one of the best, simple yet nice. Most importantly, is free.

    GO Launcher EX

    Official Site:
    Official Blog:

    Have been using it for few months. It performs better compare to Stock Sony launcher, with 2.3.4 firmware, it is pretty fast.

    Go launcher ex on 2.3.4

    Here are benefits by using it,
      – customize preferred animation on switching pages or launching apps menu
      – numbers of free themes in market available to choose
      – frequent updates on bugs fixing, speed improvements and latest firmware support
      – bundled “Clear History” and “Close All Programs” functions in app drawer

    Theme used on images above ia Blue Theme GO Launcher EX, by Lucky Art

    After installed new launcher, prompt box on selection of stock browser and Go launcher will appear. It will prompt up whenever you pressed on Home button, tick “Use by default for this action” if want to keep using that launcher. You can always clear default on Setting -> Manage Application -> Go launcher Ex -> tap on “Clear default”.

    Another easier way for switching different launcher, is by installing:
    Home Manager

    One thing is Home manager will show notifications on status bar by default, however you can clear it by going into Home Manager’s setting, untick on “Notification” and “Quick Switcher”.

    Checkout this video by humancar2n, introduction of Go Launcher EX: