How to: disable Google Now home button shortcut

The home button in Huawei Honor 6 Plus is very sensitive and responsive, this may because of the optimization since it was an on-screen button. On the other hand, the sensitivity also create a problem, high rate of mistakenly launch Google Now by slide up home button slightly . Done some searching and testing, this […]
How to: make Huawei Swype Keyboard Perform Faster

After weeks of using of using Huawei Honor 6 Plus, i experience lagging Swype Keyboard that is very annoying when you in a hurry. This happened when multiple apps were running behind, you may kill all the apps to make it type smoother, but that may interrupt progress of writing. In lagging situation, Swype will […]
Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Owner Review Part 3

There are total of three 8-megapixel camera equipped on Honor 6 Plus, one at the front as secondary and the a pair at the back as main camera. Front facing camera comes with F2.4 aperture and it support FHD video record as well. Instagram alike effect can be apply straight away during shooting process for […]
Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Owner Review Part 2

Honor 6 Plus does not come with capacitive buttons, same as flagship device such as Nexus and HTC, it use the on-screen buttons. It took me only half day to get used to it, IMO, capacitive buttons might break the simplicity design of the phone. However, will give a try on Touch Plus Tempered Glass […]