Pentax K-1: Image Sync and Smartphone with IR (Infrared) blaster

There are few ways to trigger shutter of Pentax K-1 remotely, currently i’m using Pentax Remote C Set, Smartphone with IR (Infrared) blaster and Pentax official app “Image Sync” for Android. i) Pentax Remote Control C Set: a free gift from, not the latest model of infrared remote control but works well with Pentax […]
Huawei and Honor: Screen Lock Shortcut / Icon / Button

Both Huawei G8 and Honor 6 Plus got a new firmware update, which is EMUI 4.0 (Android 6.0.1). Took around 20 minutes for the installing / optimization progress, after reboot in home-screen, my partner pointed out missing of screen lock icon which we always use. The screen lock icon / button act as an alternative […]
Huawei Honor 6 Plus: PE-TL10C900B332 Software Update

At last, a much more stable international version of Honor 6 Plus ROM released on 17 November 2015. Version labelled as PE-TL10C900B332, uploaded at Hong Kong Huawei official site that i believe will work well in South East Asia. Saw few peoples stated in Vmall forum, that OTA update is now available, especially those that […]
Huawei Honor 6 Plus: EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop Software Update

Previous Emui 3.0 working perfectly until recently, Spotify music tracks unable to be skip by press on steering wheel skip button. This happened out of sudden, seems like the Huawei “Music” (Version V7.1.20) system app somehow overwrite the command codes. The skip button will trigger or skip Huawei Music tracks and pause Spotify music playing, […]