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Saga Hill and Apeh Waterfall @ Cheras

Got a chance to join up the team for a leisure hike at Saga Hill and soaking session at Apeh…

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Lata Bomoh Ali + Lata Berembun @ Hulu Langat

Never know there is such nice waterfall hidden in nuang, and i thought there is only one Lata Berembun (Lata…

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Gunung Irau @ Cameron Highlands

Went to Gunung Irau for the second time, instead of a day trip, we done a 3 days 2 nights…

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Walk The Torq @ Mountain Kinabalu on 15th May 2013

Here are the photo set taken during the trip to Mountain Kinabalu from 15th May to 16th May 2013. Movescount…

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