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Saga Hill and Apeh Waterfall @ Cheras

Got a chance to join up the team for a leisure hike at Saga Hill and soaking session at Apeh waterfall on last year July. Surprised me it was so crowded along the trail to Saga hill peak, and the waterfall is packed up where you need to wait for your turn to take photo with it.

Way to the entrance of Saga Hill, you will pass-by the Taman Saga housing area. Park your car at the playground (limited space) or shop-lots area that further away, GPS coordination: 3.114438, 101.772065

Saga Hill Entrance, check out the detail of the route done by Vincent on google map: Saga Hill Entrance-Bukit Putih-Ah Pak San Entrance.

Notice board that done by hiker society, as written on the board, do not park your car at the residential area.

Fairly easy trail to the peak, only takes within 30 minutes slow walk to reach.

Trail to the waterfall is more fun and little challenging with river crossing, slopes and slippery rocks.

One of team member fall on this area, have to be extra careful because of the water and slippery rock.

The waterfall is nice and cooling, but too crowded on weekend, will be a nice spot for photographers by visit on weekdays.

Chilling and having fun, the fall is strong where my spectacles almost drops.

Part of the trail that should be extra careful, hold on to the rope tightly, once fall might create serious injury.

The whole trip took us near 4 hours include chilling at the waterfall, here is the Movescount that tracked by Suunto Abit, move15566987. For more images on the trail, head to flickr set: Saga Hill

Lata Bomoh Ali + Lata Berembun @ Hulu Langat

Never know there is such nice waterfall hidden in nuang, and i thought there is only one Lata Berembun (Lata Berembun Waterfall 4WD Expedition @ Pahang) which is in Raub, Pahang. Got a chance to join the team to seek for the “dry” trail which can skip the river crossing that you need to go through by using common trail to Lata Bomoh Ali. This trail will brought us straight to the pool above Lata Bomoh Ali that will lead us to Lata Berembun.

Here is a brief on how to reach Lata Berembun: follow Pangsun trail -> passed by 3.1km hut -> estimate another 10 minutes walk -> there is Durian tree with marking (hard to notice) -> trail is not obvious and maybe hidden if cover up by grass -> follow the trail -> walk around 5-7 minutes, there will be a junction that looks like this “>-” , dont go straight through “>-“, take a u-turn like to “>” -> after 10 minutes you will see the pool which is above Lata Bomoh Ali -> you have to swim and grab at the side rock cliff (read following) to the lata berembun

You can see the location of Lata Berembun as stated on the image above, quite a distance from the entry, estimate junction (not obvious, as image below) to the waterfall trail is around 4km from the entry. Here is the reference for my movescount captured by Suunto ambit: move27144727

The marker that made by previous visitor, it is not obvious have to pay attention to seek for it. Click here for a larger pic: #IMGP2692

The marker was made on the Durian trees as image above, not far away from bamboo area (lots of bamboo area along the trail though). For a better idea on locations of waterfalls, check out this #selfdrawnmap on this blogpost “The Shaman Ali’s Fall (Lata Bomoh Ali)

Rarely seen flower/plants nearby the entry of the waterfall trail from “never ending road”.

The actual Lata Bomoh Ali pool.

As image above, this is the only way you can access to the hidden waterfall, Lata Berembun. Note that the pool is very deep, advise to bring life jacket, rope, experienced swimmers and someone that been there before to guide, if you really want to take the risk to go through it.

Not manage to carry my camera over Lata Berembun waterfall, and this is what it looks like to go through, #pic by Jeffrey Lee, and this is how the Lata Berembun waterfall looks like #pic by CL Chong. A very nice hidden waterfall that you will be surprise, surrounded with rock cliffs that will produce echoes when you talk louder.

A group photo before leaving the nice waterfall.

Abandoned hydro power station on the other side, it took us around 20 minutes from the split of “never ending road”

There is a small stream beside, it is a bathing spot for locals as told by our team captain.

The old mini hydro power station was build on long time ago on year 1927.

a look inside of the station, creepy.

Visited Kolam Air Panas at Batu 16 Hulu Langat, passed by the area for few times but never notice it. It located beside a school with few small sign board, you can check out the map at foursquare: Kolam Air Panas Dusun Tua. Operating hours from 07:00 to 19:30 everyday, separated into two division for different gender.

Ordered a very nice traditional dessert named “文头雪” before going back, located in front of Multicare Health Pharmacy Batu 9 Cheras. For more pictures on the trip, head to this Flickr set: Lata Bomoh Ali + Lata Berembun @ Hulu Langat.

Gunung Irau @ Cameron Highlands

Went to Gunung Irau for the second time, instead of a day trip, we done a 3 days 2 nights trip in the weekend. Day one route from Bidor (品珍酒楼 which famous of Duck Noodle and Chicken Biscuit)-> Simpang Pulai -> Lavender Farm -> Time Tunnel -> Cameron Night Market (on late afternoon) -> Cameron Market -> Desa Anthurium (rental place to stay).

The Cameron Lavender farm at Tringkap, worth to stop by and takes do some photo shoot if you likes flowers. Entrance fees for adult is RM 5 per person.

Time Tunnel located along the main road between Brinchang town (1.5km) and Kea Farm (2km). It lets you “take a peek into the past of Cameron Highlands through photographs. This is a “must visit” if you want to learn about the history behind Cameron Highlands. A lot of the photos depicting the past are from personal collections of the locals who’s been here since the pre-war days.”

Mossy forest that is very nice for photo shoot, but the environment will be slight dark because those trees blocked the sunlight, therefore, higher ISO and faster lens needed to get decent shots.

The Lord of the Rings alike scene. Weather is good on the day before without rain, muddiness for the path is lower compares to last visit that rains for 60% of the hike.

Large hole within bottom part of the big tree, good enough for one or two person stay in it to hide from rain.

Secret garden with a room-alike environment with hundreds of branches cover on top.

Pitcher plants can be spotted all the way, especially near to the peak of Gunung Irau.

More photos in the Flickr photo gallery below,

Movescount Log: Move14793637

Walk The Torq @ Mountain Kinabalu on 15th May 2013

Here are the photo set taken during the trip to Mountain Kinabalu from 15th May to 16th May 2013.

Movescount Logs:

Day 1 Ascent from Timpohan to Laban Rata: Move13788366
Day 2 Ascent from Laban Rata to Low’s Peak: Move13788369
Day 2 Descent from Laban Rata to Timpohan: Move13788366

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