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#1 Why Google+
  i) Future android phones will come with pre-installed Google+
  ii) Much complete and powerful Google+ app on Android
  iii) Better and easier of privacy control
  iv) Integration between Google products such as Gmail, Calendar, Docs and YouTube
  v) Messaging already seamlessly now in android google+.
       (Potential to eliminate uses of SMS, whatsapp, MSN in future.)

#2 How to join Google+
  i) Ask Google+ users to invite you
  ii) Wait until Google+ available to public

#3 How to install Google+ in Google Chrome
  Click here: Google Plus

#4 How to install Google+.apk in Android phone from Outside US
  i) Get .apk here:
  ii) Rooted phone, use Market Enabler to fake SIM Issuer and download Google+ from Market

#5 How to invite friends to Google+
  i) Click on “Invite People to join Google+” link at right column of Chrome Google+
  ii) If link above not available, simply share a comment/post/picture with friend’s email

#6 Google+Facebook
  For those who want to catch up News feed from Facebook in Google+, try this extensions:

#7 Android Google+ Photos/Videos Upload
  – All photos and videos taken will auto upload to google+ private album
  – Few useful options can be choose from setting-> Instant upload Setting
  – Uncheck Instant Upload If you prefer upload manually.

#8 Android Google+ Push notification
  Google+ has few options for huddle and general notification, check it out in Setting.

  “Two Ways That Google Plus Can Turn the Social Networking Tide”