How to: Purchase Gibson Les Paul at Singapore and bring it back to Malaysia

Many guitar players in Malaysia want to own a Gibson Les Paul in their collection, so as me, have been wanted to get one since years back when Gibson released Gibson Les Paul Traditional. The Traditional model that placed in between Studio and Standard where the price tag at USD 2,249 (MSRP). Now, there are […]
What else can you get from

In Official Gibson website, instead of guitar catalogue and on-line store. There are something that you can grab from it, i) Gibson Application for Android and iPhone Image Source:   The app called “Gibson Learn & Master Guitar”, it features:     – Tuner     – Metronome     – Chord Chart     – Lessons from Gibson’s Learn & Master Guitar […]
Guitar Shops in Malaysia

Hereby is a list of guitars and related shops (amplifier, service, Digital music interface), * with products catalog ** with price list #1 Guitar Shops i) Multiple Branches Shops – Bentley Music *   Head Office: Mutiara Damansara (Biggest Guitar Shop in Malaysia)   Branches : Bukit Bintang   Dealer for : Ibanez, Fender -The Guitar […]