Green Mosquito @ Sungai Long

Saw a green mosquito at living room on very early morning, attracted by the light and came into the house. It is not very active maybe due to timing and limited lights around. Check out this interesting post below from “GWTL” at Biology-Online forum thread: Green Mosquito===Photos Available, I live in South Africa. I’ve probably […]
Myosotis Cafe @ Bandar Sungai Long

This is one hidden gem in Bandar Sungai Long, environment and ambient is very suitable for those that having chit chat session. Strongly recommend Myosotis cafe if you prefer a relaxing and quiet (soft music) place. It located on the second floor, stairs from beside Watson, same row as 99 Speedmart. It will have a […]
The Coffee Bar @ Bandar Sungai Long

Been longing for a proper western style cafe to come in Sungai Long town, thanks to the expand of new UTAR, out of a sudden, there are at least 2 coffee shops available now. Took car to car accessories shop just opposite to The Coffee Bar, the fix need an hour. So, me and my […]
Bandar Sungai Long alternative exit to SILK Highway construction done

Finally, after months of constructions, the road it is all done now but still awaiting official to open for public. Already saw cyclist access the exit to SILK Highway for few times. Took a few shots on 17th Oct Saturday after Magnum ride at Semenyih. Video above taken at Silk highway which the exit connected. […]