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Sport Armband for Larger Smartphones

*Update(09/04/2012): It fits HTC One X too!

Bought a Tune Belt AB83 armband for running from Key Power International, The Garden. It cost around RM 80+ after discount.

I’m using it with Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, it fits well with or without case (Melkco Leather Case). But it is more convenient to remove the case for easier insert/removal, phone screen controlability and slimmer profile. And there is no problem to plug in earphone although headphone jack located at side of phone.

Product Detail:

This lightweight and comfortable armband was designed for larger smartphones and/or protective cases 4.51 – 5 inches long such as Droid Incredible, Droid X, HTC ThunderBolt, iPhone 4 inside Bumper case and more . Its many features and benefits provide unmatched comfort, convenience and protection while you run, workout or listen on the go.

  – Fits devices right side up, or upside down to read screen easier when viewed on arm
  – Full navigational control through clear, protective window cover
  – Cord flap securely stores and manages earphone cord
  – Washable

  – Lightweight, comfortable neoprene construction
  – Stable and cushioning armband securely holds player
  – Adjustable armband fits 9″ – 17″ and an Armband Extender is available for larger arm sizes (see SKU EX3)

  – Cushioning neoprene protects player
  – Covers device (except vital access points at bottom)
  – Helps protect against perspiration, bumps, scratches & the elements
  – Reflective logo

Pocket dimensions:
  – Maximum device height: 5”
  – Maximum device size: Circumference (2X width + 2X depth) – must be less than 6.5″.

According to it’s website, devices that fit into AB83:

  – Motorola Atrix 4G
  – Motorola Droid
  – Motorola Droid 2
  – Motorola Droid 3
  – MotorolaDroid Incredible
  – MotorolaDroid Incredible 2
  – MotorolaDroid Pro
  – MotorolaDroid X
  – MotorolaDroid X2

  – HTC Desire
  – HTC Desire HD
  – HTC Desire S
  – HTC Desire Z
  – HTC EVO 3D
  – HTC EVO 4G
  – HTC EVO Shift G
  – HTC HD2
  – HTC Inspire 4G
  – HTC Sensation
  – HTC Surround
  – HTC Thunderbolt
  – HTC Touch HD

  – Samsung Captivate
  – Samsung Epic
  – Samsung Fascinate
  – Samsung Focus
  – Samsung Galaxy S i9000
  – Samsung Galaxy S II i9100
  – Samsung Moment
  – Samsung Vibrant

Protective cases that fit into AB83:
  – iPhone 4 in Bumper case
  – iPhone 4 in Otterbox Commuter, Impact or Reflex Series case
  – iPod touch 4G in Otterbox Defender, Commuter or Reflex Series case
  – Otterbox Defender Series case for iPod touch 4G
  – Otterbox Commuter for iPod touch 4G
  – Otterbox Reflex for iPod touch 4G
  – Otterbox Commuter for iPhone 4
  – Otterbox Impact for iPhone 4
  – Otterbox Reflex for iPhone 4
  – Otterbox Commuter for Droid Incredible
  – Otterbox Commuter for HTC Hero

*Does not fit iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S inside Otterbox Defender Series Case. See AB84 for that need.

For more information, visit the Official Website: