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ASUS Malaysia: Padfone 2 launch on 13th December 2012

Numbers of smartphone and tablet coming to Malaysia in this end of the year. For Asus, “It’s Intuitive!” Padfone 2,…

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HTC One X: 3.14.707.24 (Android 4.1.1 and HTC Sense 4+) OTA available in Malaysia

At last, the long awaited Jelly Bean for HTC One X, firmware number 3.14.707.24 is here! Mine available while checking…

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Ubuntu: New “Ubuntu for Android” teaser video

Ubuntu released new video that explain on “Ubuntu for Android“, the animation is simple enough for everyone to understand. However,…

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Google Nexus 4: Full System Dump, System Apps, Sounds and Wallpapers

Here it goes again, before we know more details about Android 4.2, the LG manufactured Google Nexus 4 system dump…

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