Redmi Note 3G: How to make xxzhushou works

Been months that i have no idea how to make xxzhushou (叉叉助手) works on rooted Redmi Note 3G due to missing of black “X” function button where you can put in all your setting in. Thanks to member “论剑、火攻” shared the solution on miui forum thread “[教程] 红米note完美解决无法使用叉叉等工具“. First of all, you need to root […]
Clash of Clans: Auto Search for Clan with Specific Amount of Loots

Do you find it annoying by keep clicking on “Next” button to search for clan with better loots amount? There is a way to skip that with an add-on application called xxzhushou (叉叉助手), by key in a minimum amount of Gold / Elixir / Dark Elixir Loots, the add-on will keep on searching and stopped […]