Suunto Ambit: FW 2.5.6 update

There are new updates for both Suunto Ambit firmware (Version 2.5.6) and Movelinks2 (Version 1.1.36). For Moveslink2, new version comes with “Renewed publisher certificate”. For Suunto Ambit, new features and tweaks stated by official as release note below, Suunto Ambit 2.5 ————————- – Further enriched Suunto Apps (to Ambit2 level with rich math functions, new […]
Suunto Ambit: FW 2.0.8 software update

There is a firmware update version 2.0.8 for Suunto Ambit sports watches, which previously we are having the version 2.0.6. To update it, connect Suunto Ambit to computer by USB and let moveslink 2 to do its job. Change log can be obtain over here: SuuntoAmbit_ReleaseNotes.txt, however it is the same old changelog for version […]
Suunto Ambit: reset the altitude reference

Just found out altitude meter reading on my Suunto Ambit is way off, it shows reading of crazy 2872 meter instead of actual 1493 meter on the peak. Checked over previous hike’s recorded altitude graph, discovered all were incorrect. All these happened because of wrong altitude reference input that set by either seller or manufacturer. […]
Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL

Discovered one of the screw (top right) fall off after morning running session. I’ve searched for the screw at all Suunto dealers in Mid Valley/The Garden, but none has it. Buying new straps set from online store will cost me a few hundreds, folks from FB Suunto group suggest try to send the ambit to […]