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Taiwan Leisure Trip, Part 1

Category : Foods, Lifestyle, Travel Dec 23rd, 2015


Reached Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport on night before, reached Taipei at late night. Stayed at 絲達爾時尚精品旅店 at 西門町.


Woke up earlier than others, walk around the street for breakfast hunting. Saw numbers of peoples queuing at a store and it was 永和豆浆.


Ximending (西門町) on early morning, a neighborhood and shopping district in the Wanhua District of Taipei. It was the first pedestrian zone in Taiwan.


Taipei Main Station (台北車站), main transportation hub for Bus and different types of train services. My partner planned a for today’s itinerary, where we will go to Taoyuan and take 小烏來線巴士 (a special design route planned by local government that will stop by only on tourist spots).


Took a traditional train service to Taoyuan, as the ticket stated, seats are only available until a specific station, after that we went to entrance / exit space and sit on the floor.


Reached Taoyuan safely around 40 minutes after.


小烏來線巴士 one day ticket, that cost around RM 16 – RM 18. It will brought us from 桃客桃園總站 to 小烏來 (天空步道) -> 舊百吉隧道 -> 慈湖 -> 大溪陵寢 -> 經國紀念館.


Funny, Friendly and knowledgeable bus driver, thanks to him for giving us short briefing on how the tour bus works and reminders.


The endlessly traffic light on this stretch.


Reached 小烏來 which located on the mountain site.


小烏來天空步道 (Xiaowulai Sky Walk), a bridge which extend the stretch to middle top of waterfall.


With look through glass as walk way.


A selfie before we part.




Nothing much to explore here.


慈湖陵寢, Chiang Kai-shek Mausoleum is the temporary resting place of President Chiang Kai-shek


Nice scene, nice place but nothing much to do here.


A handshake before we part.


Stopped at somewhere nearby, flower can be bought and food can be found here.


Walk all the way down from Love Story Building as we can’t see tour bus stop by. Found this store selling Dry Tofu, absolutely delicious, a must try.


Reached our last destination of 小烏來線, the 經國紀念館. The operating hours finishing soon, lucky still can get ourself in for a visit.


Worth a visit here if you are interested on Taiwan earlier days history.


Fancy this kind of stamping? Remember to bring a notebook or piece of paper to collect, as most of the tourist spots will have own unique stamp design.


Waiting a long time for the bus to bring us back to TaoYuan Bus station.


Arrived Taipei, we went to 艋舺.


艋舺夜市. Night market is a culture in Taiwan, you can see them in most of the cities.


华西街观光夜市 (Huaxi Street Tourist Night Market), another night market connected to 艋舺夜市, with covered roof and smaller size shop lots.


Dessert time, a 55 years old dessert shop. Need to wait our turn to get a seat for our tired legs.


Sweet rice cake porridge and Grilled pounded rice cake with peanut spread on top.


Not sure what this suppose to call in english, check out their official page: 頂級甜不辣. Lots of crowd and again we have to wait for our turn to get a cup of it.


Crunchy egg rolls, freshly make on the spot, highly recommend.


阿宗麵線 at 西門町 with a long queue.


Overrated or not? it depends, IMO, worth a try, at least got a topic to talk about after the trip.


Risotto 阿毛石鍋燉飯, Golden Retriever themed restaurant.


Street performance, enjoyed our night here.

Jalan-Jalan @ Muar Town

Category : Foods, Lifestyle, Travel Dec 22nd, 2015


Went to Muar (Johor) for friend’s wedding dinner, arrived earlier so we can visit pay a visit on famous Muar Glutton Street (贪吃街).


Teo Chew Kuih (潮州粿), the stall offered 5 variants of chinese traditional desserts. We have tried 4 out of 5, worth a try.


You can choose whether to fry or just eat it directly. I prefer without fry, although fried will be warmer but it will be more oily. Recommend the red bean sticky rice (豆沙糯米饭), chewy sticky rice with just right amount of sweet red bean paste within as companion.

Titanium Bike: Charge Skewer Ti

Category : Lifestyle Dec 4th, 2015


The Fondriest TF3 1.2 was sent for warranty due to paint crack issue on all over of frame. Thought the warranty process will takes around 1 month, but after done some e-mailing to Taiwan and Italy, seems like the frame is out there somewhere pending for whatever reason and i believe the waiting period will be very long.


After advised by club members, decided to search for a replacement. Thanks to my mentor’s guidance and help to narrow down the option, Charge Skewer Ti is the answer.


Cyclomotion at Shah Alam, dealer for Charge and KTM, saw few De Rosa road bike available for sale too. Look for Mr. Ijad for advise on bikes and also bike fit, he is extremely well experienced on bike fitting.

Green Mosquito @ Sungai Long

Category : Lifestyle Dec 3rd, 2015

Saw a green mosquito at living room on very early morning, attracted by the light and came into the house. It is not very active maybe due to timing and limited lights around.

Green Mosquito

Check out this interesting post below from “GWTL” at Biology-Online forum thread: Green Mosquito===Photos Available,

I live in South Africa. I’ve probably seen about 3 green mosquitoes around my house in about 5 years (all males). I found This one sitting on the wall in front of me while I was studying.

As far as I know all the male mosquitoes in our area are all green (or so I hear). I haven’t seen any other references to green males though. As I understand it they’re rarely seen because

1. they’re males and don’t drink blood (and thus don’t usually enter houses).
2. Male’s lives are much shorter than female’s lives.
3. They’re green and camouflage very well.

This theory about green males obviously isn’t true about all mosquito species.

The females are black.