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Suunto Ambit pair with Cateye ISC-11

Category : Cycling, Lifestyle · (2) Comments · by Jan 28th, 2015

Been want to try a cadence sensor for sometime, but the price for Suunto cadence is out of my budget. Thanks to Eric Liew for introduce an alternative to me, the Cateye ISC-11 cadence/speed sensor. Got it from Joo Ngan Son Bicycle at Uptown Damansara for RM 160.


Check “thisisant.com” for the compatible devices for Cateye ISC-11 cadence/speed sensor, it can be pair with 133 products as listed.


Thought of not to put on speed sensor because of the Gps was included in Suunto ambit, but only realized speed sensor can be use for indoor spinning on turbo trainer.


Installation is kinda tricky and give me headache. After consult from Eric Liew, it works perfectly now.


Steps as below:
i) install the device by following the manual on box
ii) Mr. Arman Aziz: “Cadence pod should be resetted before pairing”
iii) press middle button of Suunto ambit for few second -> choose “pair” -> select “bike pod”
iv) give it a few spin when pairing, it should pair successfully

Tested on 85km ride on this morning, working good as it should.


Good day for a horse running wild on SKVE highway

Category : Lifestyle · No Comments · by Jan 24th, 2015

Was on the way to KLIA2, stucked in short traffic jam on SKVE (South Klang Valley Expressway) and this is the cause.

It happened on last year, 29/11/2014 morning 10:42, location near Kajang on South Klang Valley Expressway.

Not everyday to see such interesting case happens, luckily the horse didn’t hit my car though. Guess car below is the owner of the horse since it parked in middle of road.

Replace Suunto Ambit Strap (Silver)

Category : Lifestyle, Running · (2) Comments · by Jan 15th, 2015


After years of heavy use on Suunto Ambit (first generation) for outdoor sports, the strap is starting to break off.


As image above, even the screw on the left need to be tighten up from time to time, else it will just drop off like once i did: Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL. Averagely i will check and tight it in every 2 weeks.

Road Bike Positioning Chart from ParkTool

Category : Cycling, Lifestyle · No Comments · by Oct 10th, 2014

Mr. Khaw from TBFS suggest me to take down measurements of current road bike settings for future reference. Measurements such as Saddle Height, Saddle to Handlebar Reach, Stem Length are important if i’m going to change certain parts or a new bike in future. A Road Positioning Chart in .pdf format from ParkTool.com was recommend as it contain most of the information required.

“The chart is intended primarily for the mechanic to quantify and record the various aspects of a cyclist positioning adjustments. It can also be useful for a cyclist to track and record changes to his/her position. For example, if saddle height is raised, the new height and date of change can be noted. This will allow the cyclist to track changes in performance. Additionally, if the bicycle is lost or somehow destroyed, this chart will help in quickly setting up the new bike to closely match the original positioning.” (Recording Position- road, ParkTool.com)

For more information and step-by-step guide on how to measure your bike, head to Recording Position- road. For Mountain Bike, refer to MTB Bike Positioning.