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Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt, Battery Replacement

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Recently, my Suunto Ambit doesn’t pick-up heart rate data consistently from stock Suunto ANT Heart Rate Belt as usual. It create a box shape heart rate graph as move29582215, result incorrect PTE (Peak Training Effect) and display wrong recovery time calculation.


Decide to change the battery in centre piece of belt, battery model of the belt is CR2032, as stated in official site: Comfort Belt Battery Kit. Battery cover located at the back, easy to open with tiny edge of tool such as flat head screwdriver. I took out the old Maxell battery, replaced with new purchased Sony CR2032, tested it and signal is now strong by transmit heart rate in “real-time”.

Gunung Tok Wan @ Semenyih

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Decide to go Gunung Tok Wan on last year, as training for coming Mountain Rinjani trip at Indonesia in September 2013. Gunung Tok Wan might be familiar to those that went to Broga Hill before, because when you reach the top of Broga Hill, you will see a signboard that point to the trail of Gunung Tok Wan. The trail is pretty straight forward, but i’ll still advise to ask a person that been there to lead you for the first time.

Singature broga hill steep and sandy slippery while reaching near to top.

First peak of broga hill, crowded as usual, hard to get a single person shot on a weekend. For Sunrise potrait shot, remember to bring your external flash or use internal flash to capture, else you have a darkish face on your subject.

Heading to the fourth peak which is the highest point of Broga hill and the joint to connect Gunung Tok Wan trail.

Numbers of insects and smaller animal can be spot on Gunung Tok Wan. We met a group of lads from University doing nature study and silently record movements of insects.

One big different you will discover between Broga hill and Gunung Tok wan’s path, is the number of visitors, we met not more than twenty peoples along the path. Gives you a piece of mind after the crowded and noisy Broga hill path.

One of the interesting spot in Gunung Tok Wan path, very big old tree with lots root mess appear on the ground.

Top of the Gunung Tok Wan with height of 675m, just the three of us while we reached then another couple follow behind. Enough space to build 3-4 tent at this area, an area for cook is already there.

Thanks to the friendly couple for helping us to take a nice and only group photo. The top are revered by plants, no nice scenery around. There seems to be another path that leads to another mountain, but we

By the time we back to Broga Hill path, the area are cleared, no more peoples but three of us.

The scorching hot sun is scary and will create headache and heat stroke if dehydrate, bringing enough water is important. We took some photo shoot and get start to decent fast.

Met this little baby while reaching foot hill, guess is a type of tropical lizard. Here is my movescount record by Suunto Ambit: Move14274403

Kiat Lim Vegetarian 吉林素食 @ Jalan Ayer

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Went for a vegetarian lunch on weekend, Kiat Lim vegetarian become our choice as colleague of my partner introduced. There are few outlets but Jalan Ayer is their first branch in Singapore.


There are only one customer on our visit and another two coming in later. The interior is simple and clean, you can see the whole of kitchen at one glance.


Wolfberry soup (枸杞菜汤) with toufu, corn and tomato. It taste sweet, sweetness are not from sugar but from the vegetables itself. Cost SGD 4 for the small portion which is more than enough for two person.


Fried Mee Sua that only cost SGD 4.50, the mee sua itself feels elastic, it taste real good and not oily as those in other places.


百灵时菜(小白菜) Vegetables with Bailin small portion with SGD 10, my favourite dish of the day, the sauce is so nice that i keep on pour it on the rice.


I gave it a 8/10 for the friendliness of staffs and quality of dishes served, worth to come back again next time.

Kiat Lim Vegetarian Restaurant Details,

Address: 4 Jalan Ayer, Singapore 389142
Get there: 3 mins walk from Kallang MRT (EW10) Exit A
Phone:+65 8333 1955
Hours: Daily 11:30 – 15:00, 16:00 – 22:00
Map: http://4sq.com/GJkUYp

Lady M Confections @ Marina Square

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This is my first try at Lady M Confections, can’t resist since friend of mine post and recommend on it. There are two branches in Singapore, one at Fullerton road and another at Marina Square (first store outside of US) that we went.


It is a open corner lot at the ground floor, with white colour minimalist design that looks kinda girlish, probably they know who their main target customer is.


A glance on their ala carte menu, for their full menu, head to official site here: Lady M Confections


My girlfriend that can’t wait for the arrival of ordered mille crepes


Ordered a Lady M Citron Mille Crêpes, with their description of: “fresh lemon custard alternated with no less than twenty layers of delicately thin crepes. The top is snowed slightly with powdered sugar and garnished with candied lemon zest for a full-flavored citrus twist.” It taste kind a sweet for me, but the level and level of thin layers filled with creamy texture is absolutely amazing when put it in your mouth.


Details of Lady M Confections at Marina Square,

Adress: Marina Square Shopping Mall, 6 Raffles Boulevard #02-103 Singapore 039594
Tel: +65 6822 2095
Hours: 11am – 9pm
Map: http://goo.gl/QDlYi9, https://goo.gl/maps/VKcjq