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Liu Lian Leisure Trip @ Eight Acres

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Never know there is such place until our travel expert, Mr. Bryan Lee introduced it to us. A place that is very relaxing but not boring at all, named Eight Acres.


According to the owner MR. Edward Kam, the local communist was given 7 to 8 acres by the goverment in the past. Owner and his son, bought this land and have it prepared for stay since 4 years ago.


It located at : Lot 7822, Mukim Gali, Off Sungai Klau, 27630 Raub, Pahang, Malaysia. GPS: N3°43’ 43.68” E 101° 59’ 41.74

We used Waze to navigate there, search “eight acres”, make sure to compare with google map before heading, to avoid Waze bring you to Holland.


The big japanese tatami living space for indoor activities. You can play games, chat or sleep over here but strictly no food eating on the tatami.


Board, card games, few local traditional game (congkat as image above) and guitar were placed at the living room, available for anyone to use it.


The other side of living room, further is the dining space that can contain around 20 peoples. Free biscuits, hot water, coffee and tea pack available here.


Side corridor where you can do reading here, well decorate of roof that allow sunlight goes through and spread over.


We took the durian 2D1N festival package that cost RM 280 per person. RM 170 for children and Family package RM 850 (for 2 adult and 2 children), refer price at: Durian Festival. Included a night of stay, 3 meals, and durian buffet. Do prepare your stomach for overeating during the stay, this is one of the few that able to stuffed us up with delicious foods.


Two days were served with traditional chinese style soups, ABC soup as above and winter melon soup on the other day.


Cozy dining area, like a secondary school canteen. Speaking of phone, telco signal is not strong here, for Celcom, you will have it on and off, second floor seems better but not stable, bring a signal booster if you need it.


Mr Edward Kam the owner brought us a tour around the land, sharing his start-up experience and planting knowledge.


Numbers of Durian plants that well taken care of, got to be careful if you walking around on night, might fall and injured you.


Wall climbing available here, if you are interested, please contact them earlier so they can prepare for setting up the difficulty level.


Justin Ham, friendly and funny staff that in charge of outdoor activities, such as ATV (All-terrain vehicle) drive to Lata Berembun, paddle board, wall climbing and flying fox (RM 40 for 2 round).


Thanks to the staff prepare us a cooling Ice kacang before we enter the Durian battlefield.


All the gentlemen and ladies eagerly waiting for their turn to get hands-on the Durian. No low quality kampung durian here, mostly are D24, with few Teka and guess what, the delicious high grade Musang King.


This is the first time i saw such Durian opner as image above, a much easier tool to compare to Asian Cleaver. Spot the joint on durian, chop it, push horizontally using both hands and done.


Well grown local Golden D24 from Raub Durian farm, definitely worth the pay and distance traveled.


Speed up eating process by open it up ourself.


Private waterfall with no disturb from outsiders, walking distance of 3 minutes from our stay, the Brick House.


Chill time, such an enjoyment to dip in cold water after durian session. In addition, there are lots of small size Ikan Kelah
(Mahseer fish) in the pool that will provide you Fish Spa/Fish pedicure session.


Look at how comfortable and relaxing environment is, most of us are just hea-ing and playing games around.


No body cares.


It will take you around an hour to walk around eight acres. Goose over here will not attack, unless someone did stupid things like catch the baby goose away.


Small but strong pony, children and small size adult can take a short range ride, accompany by a guide though.


Ping Pong table available on the other hall, equipment such as table tennis nets, posts, racket and ping poll ball are available to rent from the brick house, just RM 10 for many hours until we are so tired that can play no more.


Group picture before heading back. Refer Eight Acres basic information as below,

Official site: eightacres.net
Facebook page: facebook.com/8Acres


i) Travel Tales (M) Sdn Bhd, T: +603 7877 5048, F: +603 7877 6125, email: info@eightacres.net
ii) Justin Ham, HP: +6014 930 7099, email: justin.ham@djunglegroup.com

Tea Garden Restaurant @ Mahkota Cheras

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Another new franchise restaurant start to operate at Mahkota Cheras on 29th June 2015. Tea Garden (古文茶) Restaurant, the group that now having 22 outlets in Malaysia and Indonesia.


The environtment was designed in retro chinese coffee shop look, more traditional compare to thealready modern looking Old Town. Cleanliness consider good and equipped with air conditioner, no worry to enjoyyour food on the current hot weather.


One thing can be improve, the friendliness of waitresses, Tea Garden should hire one with better smile, not one that shows “black face” to customers. There are lots of energetic  Utar Students that searching for part time job opportunity, Tea Garden should consider it.


Food wise, it is not vegetarian friendly, hardly find meat free dishes, not recommend for vegan.


This is the dim sum page of menu that offer few meat-free dish.


Ordered curry chee cheong fun, glutinous rice roll and black glutinous rice soup with glutinous ball.


Their signature dim sum, glutinous rice roll which i call it sticky rice bun. Very special and stuffing, worth to give it a try, RM 5.80 for a plate.


Black glutinous rice soup with glutinous ball, consider not bad but nothing to special about, RM 5.80 for it too.


Their 10th anniversary set that offer one main dish plus a drink for RM 10 nett. My partner ordered nasi lemak with fried chicken, comes with their signature Hainamese tea.

The nasi lemak sambal taste so good that we asked for another refill. The sambal is spicy enough and contain little sweetness, could just eat whole plate of rice with the sambal. As for the frozen fried chicken, fail big time, suggest whoever that going, order the nasi lemak biasa is enough.

First try on Hainamese tea, it smells good and taste a little on the bitter side, a must try for kopitiam style tea lover.


Price are on par with Papa Rich, portion are normal. Very good things is, all price written on menu are GST included, no service charge and any other surprise charge.

I give a rating of 6.0/10, for their well decorate interior and delicious sambal. Restaurant information as below,

No. 3, Jalan Temenggung 23/9,
Bandar Mahkota Cheras,
Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.
Official website: teagarden.com.my

Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar

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Bought a in-car bike carrier bar that called “Bicycle auxiliary bar”, assembled by Taiwan company named “GREAT SAN YEI BRASS CO., LTD (尚益銅器股份有限公司)”.


Purchase the product from Tat Seng Bicycle Centre HQ at 33, Jalan 34/154, Taman Delima, 56000 Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, it cost RM 160 without GST. Note*: thought it was RM 160 when i message them at Facebook, felt cheated here, a lesson learnt to make sure to ask whether GST was icnluded.


Product detail as below,

Model: CB-01N
Model Name: Bicycle auxiliary bar
Material: 6063 aluminium alloy
Length: 34cm
Length (extended): 58cm
Note: turn-able strap system on one side


The bar is firm after few test and practices, no worry on scratches will be caused by it. With the auxiliary bar, i can squeeze in another folding bike, JAVA FIT 16-Speeds at beside and still having 3/5 car trunk space behind.

For more information, check on official website: CB-01N.
For more photos, head to Flickr album: Travel Life Bicycle auxiliary bar

Face to Face Noodle House @ Bandar Sungai Long

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The Face to Face Noodle House (面对面板面专卖店) been here for quite some time, never had a chance to visit till 美美板面 that i used to visit was on rest that day.


Located just beside both old UTAR and new UTAR campus, walking distance within 2 minutes.


One of the few restaurant in Sungai Long that equipped with Air Conditioner.


Price consider friendly, affordable for students.


Good thing is there are few vegetarian dishes available too, as image above.


Ordered number 602, the vegetarian pan mee soup, look how much different between display picture on menu and reality, lol. Other than that, taste is average and portion is big. As for the Gingko nuts + dried beancurd skin + barley dessert (白果腐竹薏米糖水), get one from Pasar Pagi better.


IMO, all those variant of spicy sauce as image above are the best thing in the restaurant, traditional taste like one of those old outskirt Kopitiam will only have. Moreover, free for refill by yourself, you can pour whole of it inside your Pan Mee, if you can handle it. Rating of 6.0/10 for their nice condiments and air conditioner.


12A & 16, Jalan SL 1/2,
Bandar Sungai Long,
43000 Kajang, Selangor.

Tel: 03-9011 1891
HP: 016-322 5690
Hours: Mon – Sun 10:00am – 9:30pm