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Sekinchan Half Day Trip

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Friend brought me to Sekinchan for a half day trip on last year, this is my second visit. Depart much earlier to make sure arrive before sun rise.


Unfortunately, too much clouds on the day, sun was not so obvious in shape.


Did some jumping shooting to spend time instead.


Went to the other side of Sekinchan which is fish village for a walk. Sekinchan is unique as it got Paddy Field on a side and fish village at opposite side with a main road separate them.


House of fish village which hardly seen in urban area, majority of them have a family surname stated on top.


Had a breakfast at Fish village, this is a famous fish porridge in the area according to friend.


Went to Pantai Redang (beach) for a visit, famous tourist spot because of Hong Kong TVB drama “Outbound Love” (单恋双城) took their shot here.


Saw an advertised Sekinchan home-stay card, call this number if you interested. Ms. Tan Tel: 03-32410398, HP: 012-2454111, GPS: 3.5123287, 101.0950573.


Saw a big size Rice Harvester on work while going to rice process factory.


Paddy process factory with air condition, appreciate it since the sun is scorching on the day.


Very friendly auntie that drove her motorcycle to show us around, even brought us to the restaurant and asked staff to cook us an extra dish. Thanks to her.


Will definitely come back again for more photo shooting.


Perak Road Trip #2: Felda Residence Hot Spring

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Sungkai hot spring locate not far away from Bidor, it is easy to reach by using waze and telco signal is okay here. Road is not wide, but have to watch out for big sharp turns, animals such as cow and squirrel. Booked the Felda Residence Hot Spring by using agoda.com, cost RM162 for a night, comes with a breakfast buffet and unlimited entry to the hot spring area.


There is a restaurant named “Meranti Coffee House” in resort, you can dine in for lunch and dinner. A football field, karaoke room and spa service can be found in the resort too.


Morning Buffet with local delight, very clean and well managed, appreciate their effort on providing such a quality dining experience.


Roti Canai ((wheat-based flat bread), it was cook in “Garing” (crispy) style, very fresh and perfect combination with the delicious dense dal beside.


Only 5 minutes walk from resort to the hot spring area. There are lots visitors on Sunday noon, can hardly enjoy some of the hot spring pool because of fully occupied.


Bigger size of Hot Spring Pool, it can fit around 30 peoples. Moderate warm that is suitable for longer bathing time and temperature should be more well accept by all ages.


These are high temperature pool that is usually full on weekend. Each pool stated with temperature signboard, so visitors can prepare themselves for it. It is advised to come on weekday if you want to have a quiet moment here, was only few resort customer that enjoying hot spring on the late morning.


You can buy a bowl of eggs and cook at this special design section. There is an instruction stated beside on how long you should boil according to your preferences.


A long Foot Reflexology Path was build here, exciting but hurtful.


Large normal temperature pool available at the other side, whole body will felt relieve after Hot spring session. There are Jacuzzi and a fun slides equipped here.


Big Football field available here, and it is all yours on weekdays.

Perak Road Trip #1: Kwan Yin Tong Temple and Ernest Zacharevic’s Wall Art

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Went a short road trip on last year August in conjunction with CFAL 8th at Penang. We planned few stops along North–South Expressway, our sequence: KL -> Ipoh -> Penang, then Penang -> Taiping -> Sungkai -> KL.


Heard my colleague about the 3D Guan Yin cave (Tokong Kwan Yin Tong Perak), stopped by to have a visit.


For the 3D part, there are two sections, first in separate building with 3D alike painting. Another one is underwater world with special light effects. You will need to pay RM 15 per ticket RM 10 for kids, suitable for family with kids, address: Lot 21606, Batu 4 1/2, Jalan Gopeng, 31350 Ipoh, Perak.


Next, we stop by at Ipoh old street where Ernest Zacharevic’s wall art were painted. There are 7 of them, but we just manage to catch a few due to time constraints. Paint above are the Evolution of Ipoh from its tin mining days.


Hummingbird, as Ernest Zacharevic often create his art with real object. Humming bird painted on wall with a tree grow near front, by standing in a distance, both will combine and look like hummingbird is feeding at the tree/flower.


Kopi O ais, black coffee with sugar and ice.


*update: manage to take a look at the recent political talk-about wall art, Old Uncle With Coffee Cup on CNY trip.


Bought few packs of Indian biscuit “Murukku” from the friendly Indian uncle that all those big packs on his fixed-gear aged bicycle, locate around Ipoh old street.


Had our tea time at the famous burps and giggles in Ipoh.


Definitely worth a visit, according to my gf, they used ingredients that better than average.

Behind Kongheng
93 & 95 Jalan Sultan Yussuf
30000 Ipoh,
Tel: +605-242 6188
Facebook: facebook.com/BurpsGiggles
Email: burps.giggles@indulgencerestaurant.com

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*update: Spent a night at Ipoh on first day of CNY, was told Taman DR (Taman Dr Seenivasagam) is a good place for morning walk. Went there on early morning and surprised to see numbers of folks already there. It is a recreational park consist of walk way, football field, a Japanese Garden and fish ponds. Located along Jalan Dato Onn Jaafar, nearby General Hospital and YMCA.

Penang: Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Purrfect Cat Cafe

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Instead of just staying at Fig Tree Hill Resort, we went to Unesco World Heritage area to have a quick drive and stop around. Picked few famous spot to stop by for photograph, but seems that few paint by zach were already gone such as the Old man and the two kids with kites. There are two new paint that we visit, the swing and basketball playing, but not sure who drawn it.


Visited Penang Baba Nyonya heritage mansion which only cost RM 10 per person, worth a visit as there are thousand pieces of antiques, collectible of this era and rare mix culture creation on display.


Pinang Peranakan Mansion, built on 19th century, locate at 29, Church Street, 10200 Penang, Malaysia.


Daily Visiting hours from 9:30 to 17:00, with admission rates of RM 20 for adult, however we took half tour ticket with RM 10. Refer to official site for more details: www.pinangperanakanmansion.com.my


Went to 周家桥, since it is the chinese new year eve, there are lesser peoples with only few korean and chinese tourist visiting.


Easier to take pictures, unlike normal weekend with lots of peoples packed in the narrow walk way.


Before we return to Fig Tree Hill resort, visited a cafe named Purrfect Cat Cafe, with cat theme concept, cat related product sell at ground floor.


Interesting part is the play-with-cat room, that allow guests to touch and hug those pretty cats on second floor.


The cafe is iust few shops away from Penang Camera Muzeum and nearby Ernest Zacharevic’s street art “Kungfu Girl” at Lebuh Muntri.

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Address: 53, JALAN MUNTRI GEORGETOWN, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: 04-261 1197
Operating Hours: 11:00am – 9:30pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/penangcatcafe