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Mazda Malaysia: Mazda5 Goes SkyActiv

Category : Mazda · No Comments · by May 24th, 2014

Mazda Malaysia announced the new Mazda5 with SkyActiv Technology on Wednesday, 21st May 2014 at Sunway Pyramid. The new Mazda5 retains the fluid and eye-catching “Nagare flow” design of the exterior, and the overall good sense and high practicality of the interior of the previous generation version, the latest Mazda5 is fully equipped with SkyActiv Technology, SkyActiv-G 2.0 engine, SkyActiv-Drive and I-Stop.


The Mazda5 is a prominent and popular model in Mazda’s line-up, having earned itself a solid position in the C-MAV (Compact Multi-Activity Vehicle) market, thanks to its superior packaging and the unique functionality, including its flexible seat arrangements, powered sliding rear doors, stylish design, outstanding handling and high level of safety. The new Mazda5 with SkyActiv Technology builds on these assets while benefiting from greater attention to detail in reducing noise, vibration and harshness, as well as delivering superior environmental performance.

The new Mazda5 offers a smart solution to the user’s every need by establishing a balance between diverse functionality and outstanding performance. Wrapped in the stylish and modern body is a truly versatile and spacious interior. The new Mazda5 offers the unique ‘6+One’ packaging concept that earned strong support for the previous model. Versatile ‘+One’ functions include the central walk-through passageway, the hideaway Karakuri seventh seat and Karakuri utility box, and the rich diversity of possible seating arrangements.

Mazda Malaysia: Mazda5 SkyActiv to launch on 21st May 2014

Category : Mazda · No Comments · by May 13th, 2014

The Mazda5 SkyActiv will be official launch in Malaysia on 21st of May 2014, Wednesday. The MPV will be the latest addition to family of SkyActiv technology. As the image below, there are no facelift or changes on the exterior, but the previous equipped 2.0 litre MZR will now be replace with new engine.

Expect similar SkyActiv-G 2.0 engine (compression ratio yet to be confirm) and SkyActiv-drive 6 speed AT Transmission on current Mazda3, Mazda6 and Mazda Cx-5 will be install in the coming soon Mazda5.

Mazda 3 2010: Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (215/45 R17 91V)

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Michelin PS3 R17 215 vs R17 205

It is time to change new shoes for my car again with 83,000km displayed on odometer. Though the old tyre (Michelin Pilot Sport 3 205/50 R17 89W) seems able to continue for more mileage from outlook, but i can feel loosing grips of tyre while driving which creates slight lack-of-confident while taking corners. In addition, road noise from front wheel and bumpiness of the car has increased obviously.

Michelin PS3 R17 215 vs R17 205

Thought of trying ContiSportContact series from Continental tyres, but too bad there are no stock available, so took new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 3 (215/45 R17 91V) instead. Image above shows different sizes of Michelin PS3 (215/45 R17 91V) on the left with Michelin PS3 (205/50 ZR17 89W) at right.

Mazda Malaysia: The Fresh-Face Mazda CX-9

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Mazda’s top-of-the-line model, the CX-9, represents a fresh choice for active, style-conscious families dissatisfied with existing SUVs. The CX-9 stands apart from competing models in that its design and dynamics require no sacrifices in roominess, ride comfort, and other aspects of functionality. CX-9 owners not only enjoy the personal satisfaction yielded by the refined design and sporty handling but can also take pride in offering family members and friends an extremely comfortable and safe ride.

The dynamic Mazda CX-9 has been comprehensively refreshed to further heighten its international profile and popularity, as well as strengthen the Mazda brand.

The new Mazda CX-9 projects the image of a crossover SUV with unique Mazda values. It is a highly functional vehicle distinguished by a sleek design with long, low proportions as well as sporty, dynamic performance rarely experienced in an SUV. Although CX-9 is a full-size SUV, it has all the eye-catching design and fun-to-drive dynamics that are core strengths of the Mazda brand.

The new Mazda CX-9 incorporates the ‘KODO — Soul of Motion’ design theme. The vitality expressed by this design theme and the long, low proportions of CX-9 combine to create a look that speaks of class.