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Mazda Malaysia: The Fresh-Face Mazda CX-9

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Mazda’s top-of-the-line model, the CX-9, represents a fresh choice for active, style-conscious families dissatisfied with existing SUVs. The CX-9 stands apart from competing models in that its design and dynamics require no sacrifices in roominess, ride comfort, and other aspects of functionality. CX-9 owners not only enjoy the personal satisfaction yielded by the refined design and sporty handling but can also take pride in offering family members and friends an extremely comfortable and safe ride.

The dynamic Mazda CX-9 has been comprehensively refreshed to further heighten its international profile and popularity, as well as strengthen the Mazda brand.

The new Mazda CX-9 projects the image of a crossover SUV with unique Mazda values. It is a highly functional vehicle distinguished by a sleek design with long, low proportions as well as sporty, dynamic performance rarely experienced in an SUV. Although CX-9 is a full-size SUV, it has all the eye-catching design and fun-to-drive dynamics that are core strengths of the Mazda brand.

The new Mazda CX-9 incorporates the ‘KODO — Soul of Motion’ design theme. The vitality expressed by this design theme and the long, low proportions of CX-9 combine to create a look that speaks of class.

Mazda Malaysia: The All-New Mazda Biante

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Great news for those who need a People-Mover in their lives. There is now one that combines style and comfort with spirited performance, enhanced safety and superior fuel economy. And at a pleasingly affordable price. Bermaz is bringing in Mazda’s ground breaking MPV – the Mazda Biante.

The Mazda Biante is the first MPV with SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, Mazda’s suite of technical breakthroughs that turn automotive engineering on its head. This suite of breakthrough technologies brings Mazda’s renowned Zoom-Zoom performance with environmental- and wallet-friendly features.

The heart of the Mazda Biante is the new-generation high-efficiency direct-injection petrol engine. The SKYACTIV-G 2.0, with its exceptionally high compression ratio of 12.0:1, delivers exciting performance and also new standards for fuel efficiency and emissions control. It is mated to the high-efficiency SKYACTIV-DRIVE six-speed automatic transmission that offers smooth gearshifts with the direct feel and fuel efficiency of a manual transmission. The Biante is equipped with Mazda’s i-Stop idling stop system that switches off the engine at idle. This fuel-saving system delivers almost instantaneous restarts.

The strikingly attractive and aerodynamic MPV is the result of a finely sculptured body made of an optimum mix of lightweight and ultra-strong materials, giving the Biante an extremely rigid body in spite of its spacious interior and the large door openings. The highly favourable power-to-weight ratio offers superior handling and low fuel consumption.

Mazda Biante and Facelift Mazda CX-9 launched in Malaysia

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Mazda Malaysia introduced two (3 to be exact with latest Mazda 3 showing off in the event) new vehicles on 13th November 2013 at One-Utama Shopping Centre in PJ Selangor. First, the new MPV Mazda Biante that only available in several countries (Japan, Indonesia, New Zealand and Malaysia) with OTR price of 149,781.70. And second, the facelift crossover SUV Mazda CX-9.

These are some official photos from the launch event:

Introduction of Skyactiv Technologies.

Masahiro Moro, Managing Executive Officer of MMC Japan

Takahiro Sugiura, Staff Manager of ASEAN Market Operations Dept

The all-new Mazda 3 (2014)

From left to right: Dato Amer, Dato Francis, Dato Ben, Masahiro Moro, Hidesuke Takesue Deputy General Manager Global Sales & Marketing Div and Takahiro Sugiura.

Mazda6 2013: Certified 5 Stars on EURO NCAP Test

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Leverkusen, Germany, 4 September 2013 - The new Mazda6 is officially one of the safest cars on the road after receiving five stars from Euro NCAP, the highest rating possible. The result corroborates Mazda’s strategy to enhance the safety of all its vehicles with innovations like the impact-absorbing SKYACTIV-Body. And with the i-ACTIVESENSE range of driver-supporting active safety technology.

It thus becomes the fourth Mazda to have earned five stars from Euro NCAP under a stringent new rating system introduced in 2009, joining the previous generation Mazda6, the outgoing Mazda3 and the Mazda CX-5. Scores in each category are determined based on several crash tests, including a 64km/h frontal impact, 50km/h vehicle side impact, 29km/h pole side impact and 40km/h pedestrian impact. Euro NCAP also evaluates the electronic stability control (ESC) system.

Both the sedan and wagon versions of Mazda’s latest flagship scored top marks in all four categories. The grades for adult occupant protection, child occupant protection, and safety assist systems were 92%, 77% and 81%, respectively – comfortably above the 80%, 60% and 65% thresholds in these categories required to collect five stars overall. The Mazda6 also scored 66% for pedestrian safety, one the best marks in Europe among vehicles tested this year.

The new Mazda6 is equipped with Mazda’s groundbreaking SKYACTIV Technology and was the first Mazda whatsoever with the company’s unique i-ELOOP brake energy regeneration system. While being more powerful and more fuel efficient than ever, the Mazda6 is also lighter and stronger, featuring ultra-high tensile steel and other innovations to bolster the body’s structures and with it passive vehicle safety. This is underpinned by the sensor-based i-ACTIVESENSE systems, which help prevent accidents in the first place and reduce their severity should one take place.

Check out the official Euro NCAP test results for Mazda6 .pdf file below,