Alcatroz: X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (USB Mouse) Owner Review


Sold my Logitech G602 and get a Alcatroz X-Craft Quantum Z7000 as temporary replacement. The Logitech G602 is a very capable mouse with lots of features, especially the seemless profile switch between different programs makes me rely on it a lots just within few days. But it doesn’t solve my wrist ache problem since the size is still consider small and it is quite heavy although with single AA battery in it.


Hands-on the mouse at Comic Fiesta, X-Craft Quantum Z7000 (wonder why the model name have to be this long) is a product that surprised me with such a price-tag, rubberized finish on surface is amazingly nice to hold and shape is very ergonomic.

How to: Set DuckDuckGo as Default Search Engine in Chrome

Want to tryout DuckDuckGo as search engine? Refer image above and follow steps below:

1. launch Google Chrome -> click on “Settings”
2. under “Search” session, click “Manage search engine”
3. scroll to bottom, then an input columns will be spotted
4. Add a new search engine, type “DuckDuckGo”
5. Keyword, type “”
6. URL with %s in place of query, type “”
7. click off the entry, scroll up to “Default search settings”
8. Mouse over “DuckDuckGo”, click on “Make default” blue button and done.

Logitech: G602 Wireless Mouse Owner Review

Logitech G602: Affinity Photo Profile

Logitech G602 Affinity Shortcut

Adobe photoshop profile for Logitech G602 doesn’t seem to work the same on Affinity Photo. This seriously slow down process on editing photo which is one of the main reason i bought this mouse for: the 6 function keys at side of Logitech G602.

The Adobe Photoshop profile i downloaded are created by Shelley (neacail), 3 out of 6 buttons working fine. Hardness doesn’t work, which is my frquently used function. Hardness shortcuts in Affinity Photo (Windows) is Alt + Left click + Right click, numbers of users requested for simpler short cut key, refer here: [Affinity Photo] Brush radius/hardness shortcut not working