Sky Mirror (天空之镜) @ Sasaran

Thanks to Nick Lim for organizing a half day trip to Sasaran, the location for recent most discussed tourist spot: Sky Mirror.


A chance for Malaysian to get an experience that similar to Bolivia’s salt flats, with much lower budget of course.


The usual team mates, our gathering point at Wave Rest House & Cafe (海。浪滔滔民宿) where they provide tour package to Sky Mirror (Sasaran Beach) and Pulau Angsa (天鹅岛), to 25 February 2017, tour package per person is RM 75, included boat transport to two location mentioned above, light breakfast (fried meehun), oyster knocking and tasting activities.

Cycling @ North Eastern Riverine Loop

Short Retreat @ Sekeping Serendah Warehouse

7th Month Praying Item Packages