Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 (W205 CKD), collected on 2016


Parents of mine purchased a Mercedes-Benz C-Class C200 on new year, collected on January 2016.


Keyless remote, but without keyless entry sensor on door handle which mean you need to take out the remote, press on unlock then put back in pocket or bag again. Unlike Honda HR-V that i just keep the remote in my pocket.


According to our agent, the car will have minor changes since November production but without listed detail or specification from official.


After collected and look carefully on it, i have noticed three changes as below:

i) Rim design and size
ii) missing of 2 silver lines at front bottom grille at each side
iii) fixed the most complaint “for-cosmetic-only” exhaust trim to double exhaust


From previous 17-inch 5 twin-spoke wheels upgraded to 18-inch 5 spokes Rim and Bridgestone Potenza S001 225/45 R18 95Y XL (Extra Load) Run Flat tyres.


Pretty classic design compare to previous design, but thanks to bigger size Rim that makes the car looks balance.


Now, the front eliminated the chrome twin line trims in the middle of side bottom grille where other car’s placed fog lights here.


Thank god they listen to customer’s feedback on previous hidden and pointing down exhaust, now the exhaust is same as C250 which comes with double exhaust that attach to exhaust trim.


It looks much more sportier now instead of filled with awkward grille.


Slight extra trim compare to previous.


Now the trim point outwards from side which previous looks round shaped.


Very tidy and neat engine compartment.


Sensors are placed well together in centre, unlike Mazda’s with few holes in different position.


Surprisingly, NVH (Noise, vibration, and harshness) level is just slight better than my previous CBU Mazda 3 2010 hatchback. Vibration of interior is minimal for currently, noises from vehicle passing is very noticeable. The tyre rolling noise is quite annoying when go above 80km/h, guess this is due to the upgraded 18-inch rim. NVH control is a level better on Audi A4 1.8 TFSI compare to Mercedes W205 C200.


The “angel-wings” back lights.


Take a tour in the interior.


Electronic memory seats that allows to preset up to 3 different settings, it save the position of steering wheels too. Button on left bottom is fuel door opener.


Standard size of steering wheels with ergonomically design, curves at each middle side let your thumbs to hook on it. Button fest in front (12 buttons) and shiftier at behind. Overall, it is responsive and nice to hold in my 4 hours ride.


IMHO, this is quite a cramped up space on the left with 3 levers: turn signal / wiper control on top, steering wheel position control on second and cruise control on the last. in 4 hours journey, i have wrong press on other levers for multiple times when trying to light up turn signals.


Mercedes gear lever that need time to get used, wrong pressed two times because turn signal is on the exact position for my Honda HR-V.


Start-stop button, light control and electric Parking Brake button.


Quite some numer of information at the cockpit: Agility control mode (C = Comfort mode), Gear indicator, fuel range and many more.


Sunglasses compartment that Honda HR-V missed out. There are also cabin lights control for reading, side, back and front.


Cup holder compartment, power output and more buttons, switches, knob and a touch panel at the command center. Agility Select Switch available at here, tried the Sport+ mode and it is exciting, faster kick-in of power and quick gear change to lift the speed up in shorter time, but in exchange of of fuel consumption. Most of the time, just put it in comfort mode.


Decent size of Storage compartment, with 2 USB ports (for music playing on pen drive or phone charging) and a SD card slot.


Manual side window sun shade for rear passenger.


Air conditioner for back passengers which not included in A-Class and GLA. Note that C-class is a rear wheel drive, so there is a box like obstacle at the middle. Those that sit in the middle of rear seat will not be comfortable for long ride. For others, the floor is flat and spacious enough for average Asian size folks.


Standard fold-able leather back seat with arm rest in the middle.


Baby seat anchor and rear window electric sun shade.


Boot space, fold the rear seat down and you can fit in a M-size road bike.


More storage below where majority (Japanese, local) cars normally use this space to store spare tyre. Since W205 C200 comes with run flat tyres, no spare tyre / tools given and this space were empty.


IMO, after test drive on a GLA 200 and multiple rides on W205 C200, rear wheel drive will be my first choice as it gives you excellent driving experience especially on taking corners.


The current locally-assembled CKD (Complete Knocked Down) C200 Avantgarde cost RM248,888 without insurance. For more information regarding Mercedes-Benz products, kindly contact Hap Seng Star Sdn Bhd (Balakong Autohaus), Mr. Daniel Chan +6012-3132653.

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What colour is the car shown in the picture?

2 years ago

    Nj, that is Palladium Silver.

    2 years ago

Thanks for your reply Bear Lew, nice colour.

2 years ago

    You are welcome, NJ.

    2 years ago

Nice car great colour, did you get any discounts for the purchase from Hap Seng Star

2 years ago

    no discount at all, not a single cent.

    2 years ago

      That seems to be the case here as its a popular model….the new exclusive line(C200)update is also out, comes with the sunroof,wood panels,MB-clock,intelligent lights as extra frm what I heard from the sales person.

      2 years ago

        yea, heard is from march onwards. Exclusive looks timeless, good for collection.

        2 years ago
s k chiu

Mr Bear Lew,

so far any issues with the c200 avantgarde ?

going to place order for one soon after I get my tendered number, cheers

1 year ago

    Mr. Chiu, so far everything is good.

    1 year ago

I can vouch for it too as Mr Lew mentioned, 4 months/5k+ and going, so far it’s been a fantastic drive, mine is the exclusive version.

1 year ago

Mr Bear Lew, how long you have to wait for the c200 to deliver ? 1month – 3month?

1 year ago

    3 months for this color

    1 year ago

does it come with ambient lighting @bearlew ??

1 year ago

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