Landmark @ Sungai Long

Got an invitation from Cheras Hong Soon staff to Landmark 1 (Phase 2 of Landmark project) showroom, so went to visit and took some pictures for record. Showroom located at the exact site of Landmark project, nearby exit of Sungai Long traffic light to Cheras–Kajang Expressway.


Wonder why Cheras Hong Soon want to make this confusing, the previous launched “Landmark II” is the first phase of the Landmark project, the latest launch “Landmark I” is the second phase. As image above, Landmark 1 placed nearer to the coming soon Bukit Dukung MRT Station, walking distance should be around 10 minutes, but through the heavy traffic road though, safety will be the concern here.


Studio / SoHo unit. No words on specific pedestrian bridge will be build, but mentioned shutter van will be provided from Landmark Condominium to Bukit Dukung MRT Station.


Same as Symphony Tower, SoHo unit are fully furnished.


IMO, it has a better floor plan compare to Symphony Tower.


clever design but slightly small wardrobe, definitely not enough for two peoples.


Especially this small corner of Kitchen division, unlike Symphony tower’s kitchen placed near beside the bed.


Balcony design and size.


Toilet that placed near beside the bed, this may concern by some of peoples.


Small yard where you can place washing machine, also as cloth hanging area.


According to the agent, features electric/appliances for SoHo unit are basically the same as Landmark II, as image above.


Dedicated exit-way from Landmark to Cheras–Kajang Expressway will be build in near future.


Except for Soho, the bigger size Service Apartment unit available at Landmark too.


Living room, looks nice, but it will be empty unit without furniture.


Pretty good floor plan for Master bedroom, will be a comfortable stay.


Nice design of two sided kitchen, and exit to the yard. For more information, refer to the official site at:

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