Green Mosquito @ Sungai Long

Saw a green mosquito at living room on very early morning, attracted by the light and came into the house. It is not very active maybe due to timing and limited lights around.

Green Mosquito

Check out this interesting post below from “GWTL” at Biology-Online forum thread: Green Mosquito===Photos Available,

I live in South Africa. I’ve probably seen about 3 green mosquitoes around my house in about 5 years (all males). I found This one sitting on the wall in front of me while I was studying.

As far as I know all the male mosquitoes in our area are all green (or so I hear). I haven’t seen any other references to green males though. As I understand it they’re rarely seen because

1. they’re males and don’t drink blood (and thus don’t usually enter houses).
2. Male’s lives are much shorter than female’s lives.
3. They’re green and camouflage very well.

This theory about green males obviously isn’t true about all mosquito species.

The females are black.

Video shot on the day,

Seems like it is true as “GWTL” mentioned, Green Mosquito doesn’t bite.

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