Huawei Honor 6 Plus: PE-TL10C900B332 Software Update

At last, a much more stable international version of Honor 6 Plus ROM released on 17 November 2015. Version labelled as PE-TL10C900B332, uploaded at Hong Kong Huawei official site that i believe will work well in South East Asia.


Saw few peoples stated in Vmall forum, that OTA update is now available, especially those that stayed in stock Emui 3.0 for Malaysia unit.

However, if you bought china unit or already updated to India version like i did in this post, then you will need to update manually.

Steps to manually upgrade to EMUI 3.1 PE-TL10C900B332:

i) download PE-TL10C900B332.rar package
ii) i am unable to unzip properly on the phone, transferred to PC, unzipped and transferred and copied both “dload” and “vendor” file back to phone’s “sdcard” folder .
iii) each extracted “dload” and “vendor” file consist of UPDATE.APP, where first is 2.1GB full ROM and second is a small 18KB patch file

iv) go to Setting -> update -> press on “Menu” at bottom -> choose “Local update”, then it will show you a file as below:
v) select and install it. It takes around 30 minutes for the full ROM update. It will take much longer time if you update from EMUI 3.0.
vi) After booted in EMUI homescreen, open file manager app such as “ES File Explorer“, rename the existing “dload” to “olddload”, and change the “vendor” to “dload”
vii) repeat this step for patch update: go to Setting -> update -> press on “Menu” at bottom -> choose “Local update” -> choose “UPDATE.APP” to update
viii) this patch update should only takes within 5 minutes to complete. When it booted in to EMUI homescreen, then the whole update is done.
ix) Note that all applications data such as: contacts, photos, downloaded files and WhatsApp history will be remain as usual.


a) Previously motion control doesn’t work on 324 ROM, now is all working perfectly. My most loved DT2W (Double tap to wake) feature is now back on 332 version, you can turn the feature on at Settings -> under “Smart assistance” -> Motion Control -> under “Screen off gestures” -> click on “Double touch” -> turn the “Double touch to turn on the screen” to On.

b) After the 18KB patch update, hide button on navigation bar will be gone. To make it appear again, go to settings –> under “Smart assistant” –> Navigation bar –> turn the “Navigation bar” on, then you will be able to hide nav bar now.

i) 軟體下載 (Software Download): PE-TL10C900B332
ii) Vmall Malaysia Forum: Lollipop 5 and Emui update – Finally Malaysia Update
iii) For more version such as Chinese or Japan, head to this page: ROMs y desarrollo Huawei Honor 6 Plus

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How about this release dude?

2 years ago

    no crash or bug after a day of normal use. seems all good.

    2 years ago

      Yeap.. just upgraded. Quite stable yet. thanks bro 🙂

      2 years ago

Can any one kindly help with infinix hot note emui update… File manager keeps crashing or refuses to populate files.

12 months ago

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