Huawei Honor 6 Plus: EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop Software Update

Previous Emui 3.0 working perfectly until recently, Spotify music tracks unable to be skip by press on steering wheel skip button. This happened out of sudden, seems like the Huawei “Music” (Version V7.1.20) system app somehow overwrite the command codes. The skip button will trigger or skip Huawei Music tracks and pause Spotify music playing, instead of skipping tracks on Spotify as usual. This annoyed me for weeks, done several methods such as reinstall both apps, “Clear data” in Music app, change other app as default music app as Spotify doesn’t appear in default music app selection and re-pair bluetooth, but no luck.

Since lazy to do factory reset, so i put my hope on the on coming official EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop software update that released on 29th September 2015, stated on Honor India Facebook Page. Day after hihonor official release the official update package on their website, i downloaded and upgraded it with “Local update” method.

The update file “” (1.24 GB) can be download at: hihonor support page . Under “Downloads Section”, with title name “PE-TL10C900B324 Upgrade Software“, description “This upgrade software is for Honor 6+ upgrade to Lollipop (Android 5.1) [LARGE FILE:~1.34GB]

Steps to upgrade to EMUI 3.1:

Strongly recommend to perform whole update progress by using stable Wi-fi connection and fully charged battery.

i) download package
ii) unzip and copy extracted “dload” file (with UPDATE.APP in the folder) into SD card or internal storage
iii) go to Setting -> update -> press on “Menu” at bottom -> choose “Local update”, then it will show you a file as below:
iv) select and install it. It takes around 25 minutes for the whole update, 15 min for update and booting, another 10 min for applications optimizing process, will take longer if there are plenty of apps.
v) Note that all applications data such as: contacts, photos, downloaded files and WhatsApp history will be remain as usual.
vi) Once the phone boot in, it will be lagging for another 10 – 15 minutes due to syncing and checking version of installed apps. In my case, Google Service needed to be update before i can use Google applications as normal.
vii) Basically EMUI 3.1 update are done for now. Few things i need to do are, update apps to compatible with Android Lollipop, Re-arrange quick toggles and change the navigation bar setting to my preference.

After everything settled, hop in my car and check on bluetooth skipping function. Good for me, as the Spotify skipping is working again. However, i discover there are few trade off after the update, done some searching on forums #XDA #vmall, there are 3 issues,

a) Double touch to wake up screen, which is one of most use feature. Can find it in Settings -> under “Smart assistance” -> Motion Control -> under “Screen off gestures”. On EMUI 3.1, no matter how i tap, knuckle on the phone, it just won’t response as it did before. *update: tried installed DoubleTapToWake-GEM-703L.apk, but not working on Honor 6 Plus.

b) Draw, where you can draw a letter to open a corresponding app while screen off. Same as Double touch, Not working at all.

c) Touchplus, a feature for special made Tempered Glass Screen Protector, it is now missing from Settings selections. There is a solution shared by vmall forum member pheeken, as below:

Vmall honor club forum: Missing Touch plus option

Download and install the .apk file, an additional selection named “Touchplus” will added in Settings. Link for HwTouchplus.apk as below,

i) Google Drive by Pheeken
ii) Dropbox


However, i doesn’t have the Tempered Glass Screen Protector, installed just to try whether it helps “Double touch” feature, but no luck.

No dramatic changes on EMUI 3.1 compare to EMUI 3.0, few user interface enhancement noticed are:

i) new time lapse mode and easier control wide aperture mode on camera app
ii) colorful icons for each selections in settings


iii) much better notification panel design with slight transparent and wise color choices
iv) larger button size of toggles in shortcuts page in notification panel


v) Swype keyboard perform faster than EMUI 3.0 after two days use

As per MR. EXP question, by default, after you upgrade to EMUI 3.1, the hide button for navigation bar will be disappear. To bring it out, go to settings –> under “Smart assistant” –> Navigation bar –> turn the “Navigation bar” on, then you will be able to hide nav bar now.


As MR. Balagopi question below, the mobile data icon in shortcut section can’t be seen.

Answer: the mobile data hide at the section below where you can find it by scrolling down on the blank space between or side edge of short cut icons, as image below. You can also edit the icon arrangement by scrolling all the way down until an “Edit” appear.


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Did Double tap to wake work after you installed the apk? Also can you hide the navbar like in kitkat?

2 years ago

    double tap still doesn’t work. navbar can be hide, go to settings – under smart assistant – navigation bar – turn the “navigation bar” on, then you will be able to hide it.

    2 years ago

No response at all from my questions to Huawei regarding a patch of some sort to re-enable double tap to wake. One of the most useful features of the phone.

Not impressed.

2 years ago

    perhaps we can only wait for now.

    2 years ago

hi.. I can not find mobile data icon in shortcut section after updating EMUI 3.1. Please refer screenshot.
Please help to enable mobile data icon in shortcut section. Now I am enable settings > in wireless “More”> Mobile network > data enabled in this way. Painful. Please help.
Build number B501 for honor 6

2 years ago

    Balagopi, the mobile data hide at the section below where you can find it by scrolling down on the blank space between or side edge of short cut icons, as image above. You can also edit the icon arrangement by scrolling all the way down until an “Edit” appear.

    2 years ago

[…] if you bought china unit or already updated to India version like i did in this post, then you will need to update […]

2 years ago

Do you have any way to downgrade from this ( to kitkat (I’m from Indonesia). This release are suck.. #DamnHuawei


2 years ago

    Sorry, i do not know how to downgrade it to Kit Kat. The latest 332 release should be more stable.

    2 years ago

Shortcut there the restart and switch off option gone. Anyway to add that back? This release really quite suck..

2 years ago

    no idea, mine also dun hace restart option at shortcut.

    2 years ago

Okay so in an attempt to turn on my Huawei Honor 6 plus I pressed the power button and volume button, making it go into the recovery menu and I’ve heard that a “Reboot system now” selection will just turn it on and back off but will I lose any data or anything by doing this? I’ve also heard that it destroys your cell’s data. What does this mean?

1 year ago

    “Reboot system now” in recovery mode won’t wipe your data, it will just restart your phone as usual.

    1 year ago

I have a new huawei g8 it said that I have a new update to emui 4.1 android marshmallow 6 but I didn’t update it
Suddenly my phone shut down and optimizing my apps on the screen
I think that was updaer
After it turned on I found it still with emui 3.1
And there is no new updates I found
So how can I update or fix it
I want when I search for a new update to find new version to emui 4.1

11 months ago

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