How to: disable Google Now home button shortcut

The home button in Huawei Honor 6 Plus is very sensitive and responsive, this may because of the optimization since it was an on-screen button. On the other hand, the sensitivity also create a problem, high rate of mistakenly launch Google Now by slide up home button slightly .

Done some searching and testing, this is the way disable Google Now home button shortcut, steps as below,

i) go to Setting -> under apps section, select “Manage apps”
ii) under “All” tab -> search for “Google App” with blue icon as image above.
iii) click in it and select “Disable”, follow the step and click on “Uninstall”.
iv) done. Google apps such as Gmail, google play and others still work as normal. Only “Google Search”, google now and its home button swipe up shortcut will be disappear.
v) you can enable by repeating step above, and click on “Enable”, as image below.


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Thank you very much, it is abit annoying 😂

7 months ago

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