How to: make Huawei Swype Keyboard Perform Faster

After weeks of using of using Huawei Honor 6 Plus, i experience lagging Swype Keyboard that is very annoying when you in a hurry. This happened when multiple apps were running behind, you may kill all the apps to make it type smoother, but that may interrupt progress of writing.

In lagging situation, Swype will prompt up on-screen keyboard slower, swiping words will lag and follow by delayed swipe trace animation. Fast fingers will find it more troublesome as it unable to catch up typing speed by drop out letters or short words.

IMO, this is because of EMUI left out optimization of Swype, and it was categorized as those application that can use less CPU processing power. So, when the system was set as “Smart” Power plan (By default), it will automatically adjust the CPU and only allow certain apps (ex: games) can use more processing power.


To make Swype Keyboard perform faster, go to Setting -> under Device section, Power saving -> scroll up a little bit -> select “Normal

I restarted the phone, and the Swype Keyboard is performing fast and instant for days.

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Thanks a lot. It helped. I followed the directions and it works well now.

12 months ago

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