Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Owner Review Part 3


There are total of three 8-megapixel camera equipped on Honor 6 Plus, one at the front as secondary and the a pair at the back as main camera. Front facing camera comes with F2.4 aperture and it support FHD video record as well. Instagram alike effect can be apply straight away during shooting process for monitor, and the instant beautify (skin smoother) effect will pleased selfie lovers.


The rear F2.0 8-megapixel Dual-camera is not as bad as several review that i read and watch on internet. Honor 6 Plus offer a very fun and enjoyable camera experience, i believe it is one of the top camera smartphone in the price range.


Camera functions on Honor 6 Plus are: Wide aperture that offer up from F0.95 to F16, HDR that uses Dual-camera to capture different exposures at same time, Panorama, Watermark and Super night mode. For video, i find the lack of slow motion mode, this may caused by inability to shot faster frames rate, as stated on the spec sheet “1080p@30fps“.


A welcome feature on Honor 6 Plus’s stock camera app is the exposure metering point. To activate it, launch camera app -> long press within the “blue” focus circular frame -> another “Sun-alike” frame will appear -> drag the “Sun” frame around to achieve image result you want. This is useful when a focused object is bright but still want the dark area to appear more visible, an example as image above.


Wide aperture is the main selling point of the phone, DSLR user and those that often take food photography will love this. It allow user to focus right on the object and blurred out distracts. Learning curve is easy, few practice and you are ready to go, furthermore, you can always re-focus it after the shot was done. (*cough* HTC , take that)


Numbers of photo samples shot uploaded, included night shot and wide aperture can be seen on Flickr: Huawei Honor 6 Plus Camera Samples

Below are two video samples taken by Honor 6 Plus, first one taken with built-in Halo effect with 720p on daytime.

Second video was shot while on driving during night time with 720p.

There is a little jelly effect while panning on first video, auto zoom consider okay and overall result is very acceptable. In addition, video mode also features beauty mode and single touch object tracking, to access it, open camera -> turn to video mode -> click on menu button at top right -> setting.

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