Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Owner Review Part 2


Honor 6 Plus does not come with capacitive buttons, same as flagship device such as Nexus and HTC, it use the on-screen buttons. It took me only half day to get used to it, IMO, capacitive buttons might break the simplicity design of the phone. However, will give a try on Touch Plus Tempered Glass “灵犀一指” in future, because it help to save up extra screen estate.


EMUI 3.0 on-screen buttons offer two extra controls instead of the traditional back/home/menu, as image above, on most left is a button where you can hide the navigation bar, then slide up from screen’s bottom edge to bring it up. On most right is a shortcut to bring down/up notification panel.


Same as MIUI, EMUI too doesn’t have app drawer, so everything you have installed will be on the home screens. You can organised them in folders for better arrangement and neat it up. To search a specific application, swipe down on any folder or app icon and it will show you a search screen as image above above.


The huge capacity of 3,600 mAh battery on Honor 6 Plus easily last me for whole working period (9 hours+) with 4G on, Facebook-ing and some gaming on Clash of Clans/Boom Beach during breaks. Multiple power saving mode are available on EMUI 3.0, a very good job on the power consumption reminder on notification panel so user can kill those juice wasting application that running behind.


Been using Sony, HTC, Xiaomi smartphones, none of it come with decent multiple languages support keyboard especially for Chinese. I have installed Touchpal as primary keyboard for previous phone, but the pre-installed Swype Keyboard in Honor 6 Plus is perfect for me. It comes with a quick change button between languages, and most important is this version of Swype support Chinese language.


The heavily tweak notification panel is on the good site which give sneak peak on chat app and social media, furthermore, there is an option to automatically hide those not wanted in future.


There are few nice add-on features for EMUI, called “Screen off gestures”, you can find it at: Setting -> under “Smart assistance” section -> Motion control -> Under “Screen off gestures”

i) Double touch: tap twice to wake up phone screen instead of power button push, i’ve put the lock icon at home screen for faster action too.
ii) Draw: draw letter to access assigned app directly, such “C” for camera, “M” for Spotify, “E” for Evernote and “W” for Waze.

No doubt Huawei Honor 6 Plus is a decent smartphone that in par with last year’s flagship. With lower price of RM 1359, it gives some serious specs:

i) 5.5-inch Full-HD screen
ii) Dual SIM LTE
iii) Kirin K930 octa-core processor
iv) 3,600 mAH battery that support quick charge, refer: thenextweb, rajatouch and Huawei Club
v) Dual-camera that is very enjoyable
vi) Just nice 32 GB internal storage
vii) Expandable microSD storage, NFC and Infrared that always lack from recent flagships, such as Mi Note and OnePlus Two

Still, there are some that lacking of:

i) EMUI 3.0 is not available to set network data limit as majority android phone normally included. Without warning, user might exceed data quota and result in paying extra to telco
ii) no music controller on locksreen page while music playing
iii) no button options in system setting, i’m unable to off Google Now that often wrong pressed by slightly slide up home button
Iv) EMUI 3.1 + Android 5.1 Lollipop that still in first batch user beta testing stage in China, means for Global Rom, we need to wait much longer time

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