Huawei Honor 6 Plus: Owner Review Part 1


My Redmi Note 3G is aging, with limited 8GB internal storage, old Android Jelly Bean and still yet to come MIUI 6. All these excuses pushed me to get a better phone, and no more entry-level budget smartphone as primary phone.


Two phones come into mind, Huawei Honor 6 Plus (available in MY since end April) and Xiaomi Note (coming soon to MY on 22th July). First, Huawei Honor 6 Plus, the name “6 Plus” make me raised an eyebrow, of all the name available, why copy iPhone’s. Think of it again, Xiaomi done the same thing too with not one, but two “Note” phones, guess this is how mainland’s marketing strategy, use the brand name that already well-known instead of building another.


By comparing specs, both are in par because these two are direct competitor in the segment. Xiaomi Note got attractive elegant design, but i hold back because of bad software update experience on both Redmi 1 and Redmi Note 3G. Moreover, with their excuses not to provide microSD slot, but done well and offered by others, such as: Oppo R7 with extreme thin design, lots of Huawei smartphones and Asus Zen series. In the end, because of Dual-camera and microSD slot, i picked Huawei Honor 6 Plus.


Bought the Honor 6 Plus on 17th July, from Satu Gadget Dot Com physical store at Menara PGRM. Total payment are RM 1369, RM 1359 for Honor 6 Plus, RM 10 for Loca “Star Shield Hard Case“. Free gifts are car charger adapter, short USB cable and a “Touch” phone stand.


In the box, other than the phone, it includes

i) quick guide for Honor 6 Plus
ii) warranty explanation booklet
iii) warranty card (6 months one to one exchange, 1 year warranty)
iv) SIM card pin
v) USB wall charger adapter
vi) USB cable
vii) ear phone, which surprised me, where mentioned not included from YouTube reviews
viii) screen protector for front and back


In upper front, you will notice 4 pieces interaction hardware: hidden light notification at left, front 8-megapixel camera, light/proximity sensors and earpiece speaker. Following the 4 piece are 5.5-inch JDI Nega-LC Full HD panel and clear clean at bottom front.


At the top, the 3 dots are 3.5mm audio jack, infrared blaster and smallest dot as noise canceling microphone. The iPhone 5 alike, metal design on 3/4 of the side does increased the premium look on the phone.

A pre-installed IR blaster named “Smart Controller” by Huawei seems to have limited choice and function. Recommend an application called “ZaZaRemote” that able to control home appliances such as: KDK Fan, LG TV, Panasonic, Mi Box and York air conditioner.


At the right side, there are a set of well placed, nicely crafted volume rocker and power button that gives one of the best “instant-push-reflect” among Android smartphone. Follow by two slots, first slot is Nano SIM where you can choose to put in microSD card or a secondary SIM. Second slot build for normal micro SIM card. Both slots support 4G LTE network, but only for one at a time, means one will run on 2G after another selected for 4G.

Dual sim is very welcome in Malaysia as there are still numbers of places that one telco signal is stronger than another. It also help those that travel everyday to work at Singapore too.


Clear clean without slots or buttons on left side.


However, HTC One X alike plasticity bottom crashed the premium-trying device to the ground. With normal USB port and a small microphone hole located.


At the back, equipped with two 8-megapixel camera, dual-LED flash, “honor” branding at center, speaker placed at bottom left and labels at bottom center. Speaker is consider okay but not as loud as Redmi Note, full volume music playing sounds like a cracked speaker, unlike iPhone 6 Plus which decent to listen in maximum volume.

The back covered by glass alike plastic instead of glass, comes with unique design of starry sky texture pattern, made of “six carve of layer composite process”. Look at the picture above, it shines pretty in certain angle under light.

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