Replace Suunto Ambit Strap (Silver)


After years of heavy use on Suunto Ambit (first generation) for outdoor sports, the strap is starting to break off.


As image above, even the screw on the left need to be tighten up from time to time, else it will just drop off like once i did: Suunto Ambit Strap Screw fall off !! Got it repaired from UFL. Averagely i will check and tight it in every 2 weeks.


So i start to search for replacement, and found VJ Store on offer a decent price of RM 170. It takes only 3 days to arrive from Penang, thanks to them for fast action.


Too bad the original black version was out of stock, so i just take the strap for silver ambit. The pack comes with instruction, warranty paper, screw, a glue and straps.


The instruction looks easy, but without a proper tool, it will be kinda headache. It requires screw driver “TORX IP6x40“, needle and a thing to take out mini screw nut that hide inside the gap as number 5 on image above.


First, i found a flat head screwdriver that able to fits. Successfully take out the screw with slow movement to keep the inner edge of screw in shape. Once the screw stops moving out and loose tension, just pull both end of strap to remove it from centre piece.


About the mini screw nuts, i din’t remove it from the gap as it is very tight fitted inside and i wonder i could place a new one back nicely. So i give up on that, also did not bother about the glue and directly fit the strap with new screw.


Image above shows the silver strap and black strap, both version have the same dark tone colour, so it match with centre piece.


The new straps are now both fitted, differences between silver and black straps are the long rectangle hole design, silver plastic lock and silver triangle logo near centre piece. Size, weight and dimensions are the exact same.


Looks slight different from the black edition, giving a fresh look to my old Ambit. Hopefully it will serve me for another few more years.

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where did you get the TORX IP6x40 from?

3 years ago

    Steve, i did not get the TORX IP6x40. As picture above, i used the mini flat head screw driver which can be bought from hardware store.

    3 years ago

does strap serve you well still? Or is it damaged again?

Br, Martin

2 years ago

    to date is one year 2 months, the strap still serve me well.

    2 years ago

      thanks, if strap serves at least for 2 years then it will be good result. My strap was damaged after 14moths I am quite frustrated for wasting money for new strap every year:-(

      2 years ago

        yea, agree that on money wasting. On my case, the strap screw is getting loose, need to tighten it after few bike riding session.

        2 years ago
          H M

          use the blue locktite glue

          7 months ago
The J Dawg

I’m going through one every 12 months. They are rubbish. A Torx T6 (it has a star head) is the required. Confirmed by Suunto Support. Don’t know why they say IP6x40 – that will get you blank looks in most shops. Torx T6 is easy to find.

1 year ago

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