Comic Fiesta 2014 @ KLCC

Got a chance to visit the Comic Fiesta 2014 with colleague, the event was held at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. Bought a Day 1 ticket for RM 20, shocked me when i saw hundreds of peoples already queuing up there as we reached on 09:10 morning.


It was my fist time to join comic/anime related event, surprised me by seeing lots of cosplayer, never know the cosplay activity grows so much in Malaysia.


I believe cosplayers are one the biggest attract in comic fiesta, without them, i can imagine the event will be kinda boring with product selling and game tournament.


Unfortunately, organising team and event floor plan design are not friendly to both cosplayers and photographers. I witness they were asked to go away from a spacious area near entrance, which is a ideal place for photography. In result, all of them packed up at the waiting area near changing room.


Culture Japan is the famous booth according to my friend which own by Danny Choo.


Look at the numbers of peoples gathered to purchase Mirai related products, even my colleague himself bought stuffs that cost him few hundreds.


Luckily brought Pentax K-30, so i got an opportunity to take pictures of some cosplayers, although missed out lots of interesting characters cause of the packed up environment.





Can’t recognize most of the characters of those i have taken, due to my age.



Ridley’s Little sister from Culture Japan booth.


Ridley Jing at Culture Japan booth.


Lightning at the corridor of convention centre is much better because of the transparent glass.


Truly thanks to their effort by being there with full make-up, well dressing and willing to pose for photographing. For the complete album of the event, kindly head to this link:

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