Redmi 1: App 2 SD

The limited 4GB ROM (internal storage) on Redmi 1 really frustrate me. The space is too small that i could easily fill it up with applications, moreover it will keep prompt up “insufficient storage space” when i try to update applications all at once.


With a external storage, 32GB SD card in the phone, i decided to move some of those applications over SD card to clear up some space. Steps as below,

i) activate Develover options, go to setting -> about phone -> android version -> tap for 6 – 7 times. Then you will see a new “Develover options” in settings menu.

ii) Root Your Phone with TWRP, refer: How to Root Redmi 1 (Singapore unit Firmware: JHBSGBD15.0)

iii) after root, install this application from Google Playstore: System app remover (ROOT)

iv) Launch System app remover and allow it to grant Super user Access. Select the applications from the list that you want to move over, suggest not to remove system applications and Google related applications, only remove those applications that is independent and rarely use.

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