How to Root Redmi 1 (Singapore unit Firmware: JHBSGBD15.0)

Successfully rooted Redmi 1 Singapore unit with latest firmware JHBSGBD15.0 and gained Superuser access on June 2014. Installation guide is simple and clear with graphics on miui forum thread: “[Tools, Tips & Tutorials] How to install TWRP, ROOT and BACKUP your RedMi 1“, just follow steps written and all will be safely done.


For Singapore unit, download two files titled as below from the thread or download directly from dropbox link below,


1) copy two downloaded files above into sdcard2 root
ii) turn off phone, then press “Volume Down” and “Power” button at the same time
2) now, a “Boot Mode” screen with three selection will be display, press “Volume Down” button to select “Recover Mode”, then press “Volume up” button
3) a lying android graphic will be seen, press on “Power” button, then you will enter Recovery mode with a list of selection
4) press “Volume down” button to select “apply update from sdcard2”
5) press “Volume down” button to choose “” and press “Power” button to begin installation of TWRP Recovery
6) After successful installation, it will bring back to Recovery mode main screen, remove battery and wait a couple of seconds
7) place battery back and press “Volume down” + “Power” button, choose “Recovery Mode” in Boot mode screen
8) now TWRP Recovery main screen with menu selections will be show
9) select “Install” from the menu, choose on SD card and Swipe to confirm flash
10) after sucessful flash, select “back” button to main screen, select “Reboot” from menu and click on “System”
11) lastly, restarted into normal mode, then you will see new “SuperSU” icon on your screen and you gained root access

*On my first failed attempt, i copied two files above into external SD card root, which is sdcard0 in ES File Explorer, appear as sdcard in recovery mode. Although installed TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) successfully, but it brings me to stock recovery mode instead of TWRP after restart.

*On second success try, i copied into sdcard1 with ES File Explorer and it appear as sdcard2 in recovery mode. Installed exactly as instruction, include battery removed part, and got it all works.

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3 years ago

Thanks so much for the dropbox downloads…I didn’t have access via their forums.

Anyway, verified that this works on the latest v5 on 3 Sep 2014

3 years ago

Hi.. i tried.. and dont kNow why it wont work when i press volume down with power.. no boot menu comes up.. why is that so??

3 years ago

    Keep pressing both buttons at same time while the phone is booting up, until the boot menu shows.

    3 years ago

Hi i managed to root my redmi. I need to know if i can delete the 2 zip files?
Do i keep the TWRP folder? N can i move this folder to my external SD card?
Thank u for your revert 🙂

3 years ago

    Yes, you can delete it or move to external SD card for future use.

    3 years ago

Tested on lastest Edition of Redmi 1 on 24th Nov 2014. Works,

Thanks so much!

3 years ago

hi is it still working for v6?

3 years ago

    I don’t have V6 myself, not know yet.

    3 years ago

Hi, I would like to check with you some details: You used because your phone’s model is HM1SG right? Mine is Singapore version but my model is HM1W, so I cannot use this version right? Thanks in advance!

3 years ago

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3 years ago

not working

2 years ago

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