Xiaomi Products Warranty in Malaysia


Sent an email to Xiaomi Malaysia to clear out some doubts on claiming warranty in our country,

i) user bought Xiaomi Smarphones on-ine and there are no storefront to refer as the traditional way. So, how the warranty works as the service centre is limited in Malaysia?
Answer: Users can visit any of our services centres to get warranty service

ii) extend from first question, what is the option can be done by user instead of heading to the four service centre as mentioned?
Answer: At the moment, those are the only four service centres we have. Users should call our hotline (http://www.mi.com/my/service/repair/) if they have any questions about warranty claims.

iii) does international warranty available for Xiaomi? ex: Singapore handset send to Malaysia service centre
Answer: At the moment, no. (http://www.mi.com/my/service/)

iv) flashing or switching to developer version void warranty?
Answer: Flashing to a developer version will not void your warranty

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[…] My partner got me another Redmi Note from Singapore on the first batch launch. The handset selling for SGD 199 and RM 509, which is consider cheap with the specs it offered. Do mind that buying Xiaomi handset from other country can’t claim warranty in your local place as Xiaomi doesn’t offer international warranty, refer here: Xiaomi Products Warranty in Malaysia […]

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