Laos Backpack 10D9N Trip, Part Three


Primary school that locate at the head of village, teacher need to stay in the village because of the distance from city. Funny thing happened on that morning, a teacher went to doorstep of overslept student’s house and shout to wake him up.


The overslept student grab his bag and ran as fast as he could to school without change to uniform.


Baby pig surfing around to search for breakfast.


Mountain trail trekking from Khamu village back to Elephant village, it took 4 hours. Challenging as we need to cross over a mountain, part of trail consist of hungry land leeches and part of descend trail are full of mid-size rocks which easily slips.


Lots of spider webs such as image above can be seen along the trail, normally locate at the height below knee.


Reached an isolated Hmong village, the village is small with population of lesser than 30. Food source of village depends on farming, fishing and hunting.


Collecting results from fishing nets by using traditional bamboo boat and bamboo pole.


Hmong children that looks more alike chinese compare to lao. By refer to Wikipedia, “The Hmong (RPA: Hmoob/Moob, IPA: [m̥ɔ̃ŋ]) are an Asian ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand. Hmong are also one of the sub-groups of the Miao ethnicity (苗族) in southern China. Hmong groups began a gradual southward migration in the 18th century due to political unrest and to find more arable land.


Sticky rice is highly demand in the country, therefore wide paddy field such as photo shoot above is normal in the country.


According to our guide, elephant village are build to protect the fast decreasing Laos elephants because of illegal hunt. Laos government cooperate with locals to build several big compound of elephant tourist centre in different places to keep elephant in safe environment. On the other hand, tourist visits will help as extra income for the heavy cost on maintaining village.


Have a chance to experience on elephant ride, quite scary because of height by sitting on back of the elephant, but the view from top is great.


Back to Luang Prabang old street and joined the morning alms giving ceremony. Nothing much on the other two days at Vientiane, so i’ll stop the Laos travel post here.

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