Laos Backpack 10D9N Trip, Part Two


“Tak Bat” – Morning Alms Giving Ceremony, daily ritual in Luang Prabang that start on 06:00 every morning. Groups of Monk from different temples will walk in specific path of streets. Local folks will wear a traditional clothes with sash and make their offering (ex: sticky rice)towards alms bowls.


Instead of receiving, i witness monks giving back what they had from alms bowls to kids that stand at side with plastic bag.


Traditional morning market which wiil interest you with some local farming products.


Our knowledgeable and very fun guide from Tiger Trail Outdoor Adventure briefing on mountain bike tour instruction.


This is how Laos silk scarf are made at Ban Phanom, a well known cotton and traditional silk hand-weaving village (Lao Lum).


Dusty road with slope that increase difficulty for some of my team mates that just learn to ride not long ago. Whole Mountain bike tour took around 3 hours to reach our destination, tiring but very fun.


Another ten minute boat ride on Nam Khan River to Tad Sae Waterfall, image above is the end part of the Tad Sae waterfall.


Tad Sae waterfall, unique landscape and clear transparent green colour of water. Similar can be found at Emerald Pool (Sa Morakot) in Krabi but Tad Sae waterfall comes with longer stream and more levels. Visitors are allow to swim but do note the pool will be quite shallow in dry season, check before visit to avoid disappointment.


From Tad Sae waterfall, we follow a trail beside and begin our trek to Khamu village for overnight stay, took another 3 hours of easy trekking with great scenes.


Our guide showing us the leaf that use as one of the colour to dye on silk products. Just simply rub and squeeze the leaf, then red liquid will be leak out from the leaf.


Local resident are playing Sepak takraw, very talented that they can do acrobatic moves for both defence and offence.


There is a primary school in the village, but for secondary school, students need to walk for a distance. Picture above is a farmer give students a lift while coming back to village.


Where the folks wash their clothes and bath, pigs surfing around villages freely, scene that can’t easily be seen in city.


There is only one light bulb available for the house we stay during the night, generated from small size electric generator, where most of other houses light up by using candles. Delicious local meal with sticky rice, fish soup, fresh vegetables, bamboo shoot and self made very strong rice wine.

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