Mountain Rinjani Hike at Lombok, Part Four


The lake is huge and not safe to swim according to our guide, due to coldness, deepness and cleanliness. Porters are cheering up at the lake and fishing for dinner.


I found Gunung Rinjani is often accompany with thick clouds on afternoon.


Thought should be warmer since it surrounded with crater,but it is not. Although less cold compare to camp site at Plawangan Sembalun, but it is still cold because of the wind keep blowing.


Guide and porters make a camp fire to dry our wet clothes after hot spring waterfall and warm us up from shivering. We sat close to the fire and have a great dinner with rice + mixed vegetables.


Porters teach us the express way to warm whole body, by standing close to fire backwards and i have tried, it is very comfortable.


The camp site that enough to fit in hundred of peoples. Orange tent at right is a temporary toilet for pass motion.


The last day of our hike, done some photo shooting around and have a simple breakfast accompany with amazing scene, then we are getting ready to depart to foothill through different trail from where we came from.


We will go around the crater and the Senaru trail cover a “U” shape around Gunung Rinjani as this map.


Another angle of baby volcano and the beautiful lake. Highest point on the left is peak of Gunung Rinjani.


Senaru trail, a very long trail that require hiker go ascend for near two hours, then only start to descend that take another two more hours.


Part of the trail are sandy, which you can slide down as my team members did in the picture.


The foothill at the end of Senaru trail, toilet and mini store can be found here. The mini stores sells cigarettes, bread, snacks, isotonic drinks and beer.


Cotton seed from the tall cotton tree, unlike those shorter cotton plant that normally seen in farm.


From end of Senaru trail, you will need to walk another 20 minutes to the gate of Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani that nearby Rinjani Trek Info Center. Our tour agent is waiting for us at this place and sending us to port, for the boat ride to Gili Trawangan island.


Shot this photo from Senggigi beach, sunset with Gunung Agung beside, which locate at Bali island.


Last day relaxing at Senggigi beach before heading back to Kuala Lumpur.

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