Mountain Rinjani Hike at Lombok, Part Three


All hikers need to wake up on midnight to get prepare as Gunung Kinabalu hike. we woke up on 02:30, porters already prepared us light breakfast with sandwich and tea.


On the peak of Gunung Rinjani, extremely cold after some rest but it gets warmer after sun rise.


Unlike Gunung Kinabalu that is over crowded, there are less people hike Gunung Rinjani, probably due to lesser marketing done by local government.


Breath taking view that IMO it surpass Kota Kinabalu’s 4095m view although Rinjani is shorter in height.


Crater and the lake (Danau Segara Anak), very interesting that there is a active baby volcano within the lake of volcano.

While waiting for my team mates, took a group photo with another team that come from Malaysia too.


The love and hate of the sandy rock i talk about in most of Rinjani post, descent of 10 minutes will equal to 30 minutes of ascent. Ascending is no fun and tiring but sliding down is very exciting which sort of like skating.


Closer look of the baby volcano.


Team mate Posing at the favourite photo shooting spot.


Reached camp site on noon, took another great lunch with rice, fried garlic egg and very nice maggie mee that warms body up after the cold hike.


After the lunch, is time to trek down towards volcano lake. Along the way, you will see another side of the mountain full filled with beautiful flower above, the Edelweiss Flower.


After another two hours trekking, arrived on the fairy-tale like scene at the volcano lake.

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