Mountain Rinjani Hike at Lombok, Part Two


Our guide arranged a truck for us that save another 20 minutes walking distance from Lembah Rinjani Homestay to starting point.


Gorgeous view along the way, numbers of smaller mountain surrounding Mountain Rinjani.


Backside of Mountain Rinjani, 1/5 of mountain on top are sandy rock, one or two trekking poles will definitely help on stabling steps from sliding backward and use hand strength to ease on tired legs while ascent. On descending, trekking poles will help on balancing and act as breaking while you “sliding down“. Yes, sliding down will be more wiser choice as it will consume less time and less burden on knee, but you will need to clear your shoes once a while as those rocks will slip-in.


Our porters preparing on carrying those heavy stuffs (mostly foods and tents) on their shoulder. I have tried on carrying, it is heavy! Easily hit 20 kg especially with those mineral waters.


Because of dry season on volcano area, dying trees and grass easily burn up during day time, a mask is necessary else will result hard breath or sore throat.


Terrain that hardly seen at our country, Malaysia which normally surrounded by large amount of tall trees. Easily get nice photo shoot result with wide angle lens, worth carry extra load of my Pentax DSLR.


Lunch time, porters are delegated with tasks such as preparing us a flatter ground to sit and lay down to rest, preparing meals by cooking with traditional wood fire way without gas stove.


Our meal, fresh pineapple and biscuits as appetisers, main course with rice and soto ayam alike soup with mixed vegetables. Porters will only have their meals after serving us, truly thanks to them for all the hard work.


Plawangan Sembalun, the camp site on mountain ridge. Do mind it is very cold after sun down, and it gets colder at night.


Me and my team mate found water point by following porters, where you can wash your face and clean body. It is about 10 minutes away from camp site, there is also a abandoned toilet over there which can’t be use.


Peak of Mountain Rinjani, it is way up high and far away. Hikers will need to walk through long mountain ridge, then only hike up sandy rock trail to the peak, it will take another 4 hours trekking from camp site.


Breath taking view on the sun set with thick clouds and volcano lake (Danau Segara Anak) at left bottom.


Beautiful scene accompany with great Dinner, fried rice with vege, tomato, cucumber with fried egg and prawn cracker on top.


Starry night which you can look with naked eye, try to spot meteor while at camp site or during hike to peak. I am lucky to witness a slide of meteor while resting on a rock during peak trail.

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