Xperia Arc: Flash MIUI V5 4.4.18

CynogenMod 9 on my old Xperia Arc is failing to connect on Wi-Fi recently, giving me a hard time with just 3G connection available. Therefore, i decide to flash another custom ROM, to test on whether the Wi-Fi problem caused by hardware or software.


Been using Redmi for a month now, liking the MIUI interface a lots, read through “[ROMs] MIUIv5 for Sony Ericsson XPERIA 2011 (4.4.4)“, so i picked Fusion v5.5 kernel by mechmetal and MIUI V5 custom ROM by maxworks as the replacement ROM on Xperia Arc.

Hereby, i will share how steps on flashing the phone, do mind i already unlock bootloader so i’ll not go through that stage. To unlock bootloader, refer: Guide [for beginners] – How To Unlock Bootloader via Flashtool or [Tutorial] Xperia devices Bootloader Unlocking/Relocking.




1) copy “” in to root of Micro SD Card
2) install flashtool and run it, it takes around 3 -5 minutes on “Syncing Devices from Github” process, just wait
3) turn off Xperia Arc, connect it with PC via cable, press on “Menu” (Right) button till the notification light shows Blue light. Click on “Check Current Device Status”, it should show the model number of your phone
4) On Flashtool, click on “Lightning” button, choose “Fastboot mode”
5) at “By DooMLoRD” section, click on “Select kernel to Flash”, locate where you place the downloaded Kernel in PC. In my case, i need to change “Files of type” to “*.img” to make the kernel file visible
6) it will now flash Kernel to your phone, once done it will display on log, click on “Reboot device into system”
7) disconnect the phone from PC, press on volume down button several time to enter Recovery mode
7) in Recovery mode, use “volume down key” to navigate and “Home” button to select. Choose “install zip from sdcard”, select “”
8) maxworks has done great and easy to use user interface to install MIUI ROM, just follow the instruction
9) wait for installation to finish and the phone is ready to use with MIUI interface


Here is the video record on testing out the booting speed, responsive and gaming experience.

In conclusion, the Wi-Fi of Xperia Arc is working fine, MIUI V5 is heavy for Xperia Arc because of only 512 RAM available. Interface will be smoother after it start up for around 5 – 6 minutes, there are few glitches here and there but acceptable. Playing Clash of Clans did hang on sometimes, especially when few apps is running behind or the phone just boot up, clearing out the cache before playing game will be fine. After flashed, the phone now can be use as backup, music playing, video watching, reading and game playing.

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I have installed this in my xperia arc LT15i and looks awsome but I have one problem with wifi. It’s showing wifi turning on all the time and not able to connect any device.

3 years ago

    I don’t have that problem, but the system will crash occasionally. Perhaps the device is too old to handle the MIUI.

    3 years ago

i did everything but the Wifi wont turn on.Please help !

3 years ago

    Mine is working good, perhaps you need to re-flash it.

    3 years ago

how to play clash of clans on this miui version of xperia arc s……when i tyied to login in google play account it shows google play is not supported by your device…..

2 years ago

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