Visit Taman Negara at Kuala Tahan, Part Three


Third day activities that we will be doing are shooting the rapids, there are few sets of Rapids to Kuala Trenggan up stream of Sungai Tembeling which you will wet your clothes. Another is visit Orang Asli settlement on the way back.


Most of the boat looks like this, very less steel elements can be spot, built majority from woods with boat engine behind. Can see water kept leaking in, but it is tough and cross those rapids easily.


Rapids are actually caused by rocks and different level of heights of land underneath, makes the boat bumpy and shaking while passing by.


Local orang asli fixing broken boat. According to Mr. Rusli, previously they will shift the village from a place to another, depends on the foods availability and ground condition for farming. But the shift activity getting less because of the support from government and visitors.


It was said this kind of orang asli build is hardly seen due to durability. The village tend to settle down in a place, so more tougher and slight modern construction will be choose.


A look inside, very simple with just long chair inside, as an hang out places for the villagers.


Very interesting bird that not scare of peoples and keep singing/shouting.


The bullet/darts for their weapon “blow gun“, a simple weapon consisting of a long narrow tube for firing darts. While hunting, poison will be apply on sharp edge of the dart.


Demonstration on how to make a blowgun dart and light up fire with traditional tools.


We got a chance to try on the blowtube, pretty exciting and surprised me the targeting is very accurate within range, percentage of hitting right on spot is high by counting in factors like gravity, wind and distance.


Our awesome guide Mr. Rusli brought us to a nice beach alike stop, for us to enjoy swimming at the peaceful river.


A very nice spot that covers by trees, deep enough to swim, without strong current and a mini sand beach.


After the activities arranged by our guide, we do another short trekking on late afternoon. While trekking to Lubuk Simpon, spot a young wild boar running around. Stunned me for a while as this doesn’t happen for me before, luckily still able to react fast enough to capture a photo of the cute fellow.


Lubuk Simpon, there is a hut beside for rest, a nice place for bird photo shooting. Lots of fishes in the river and you can choose to swim here too. We stopped for a rest, took some snacks and trek back before getting dark, it only takes around 20 minutes for one way.


Did nothing much on forth day, our final day at Taman Negara, took a breakfast, checking out and took a look around the opposite site where other resorts placed. Mutiara Taman Negara is the only resort which placed inside Taman Negara area which we doesn’t need to cross river everytime we want to do trekking or other activities in here. However, the river crossing taxi just need RM 1, and we did went to floating restaurants at opposite site to have some of our meals, it is much cheaper compare to Mutiara Taman Negara.


Here is details of our tour agent Tahan Holidays Sdn. Bhd. and contact of our excellent guide, MR. Rusli.

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